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Botanicam’s foundation is rooted in our founders, Amy and Laurent’s, love for the hemp plant. Intimately intertwined with this love is a deep respect for the Earth and gratitude for all it gives. When our founders saw how many bad actors were in the hemp market, disrespecting both nature and its people, they decided to create Botanicam. They wanted to create a platform of both high quality and moral CBD manufacturers. You see, when people sell bogus CBD products it not only causes people to miss out on real healing, but it also delegitimizes a truly medicinal plant. Beyond this, one misses out on experiencing the true power of mother nature’s plant medicine that has been evolved with and for animal bodies. Before opening our doors, Amy and Laurent went through over 1000 brands to bring on the 15 we have now.


@Moon Mother Hemp’s Farm

It wasn’t just quality either, but Amy Laurent only wanted to work with companies that they aligned with on a moral basis. Their mission was to help people, the plant, and the planet. Botanicam wouldn’t be truly appreciating, embracing, or respecting the hemp plant if the business aspect misaligned with our moral duties to this earth. This is why Amy and Laurent chose to only represent companies that have programs in place to enrich and give back to both the environment and local communities. Business with a conscience is the only way to do hemp right. Botanicam is blessed to have found partners that go above and beyond to honor mother nature while utilizing the healing properties she gives to us.

Beyond the broad vision, there are immediate consequences to how one grows hemp. With sustainable farming that enriches and revitalizes the soil one creates a more medicinal and therapeutic product. Hemp is a bioaccumulator – so whatever is in the soil that hemp is grown in will be brought up into the flower. This is great if we are dealing with nutrient dense Earth, but when it’s toxic or badly treated Earth this can lessen and even negate the beneficial properties of the plant itself. It’s full circle with hemp, the earth, and you!

Colorado Hemp Honey:

It’s in their mission statement!

“Our Mission: To create and share the most innovative natural products that support the health and wellness of individuals, communities and the eco-systems that help create them.”  

-Colorado Hemp Honey 🙂

Starting with his admiration for the bees, watching how these creatures work with the seasons and how this dictates the ways in which they behave, Nick French, Colorado Hemp Honey’s founder, feels connected to the Earth. You see with Colorado Hemp Honey, the passion began with a love for Mother Nature, her plants, and her bees of course! At Frangiosa Farms, they begin with the optimal bee environment. As they describe, “This means looking after the land, plants, and insects that call our farm their home.” They collect bee’s favorite plants which are red and white clover, sage, sunflowers, lavender, wildflowers, and fruit trees and place them all over the farm for them!

Beyond their basis in creating the optimal environment for their farm creatures, they respect the earth through their farming and distribution practices. This company of course utilizes sustainable farming methods, recyclable cardboard, hemp ink, and recycle about 95% of all the cardboard that comes through. This is not without effort, as they don’t have recycling service on their farm, so they themselves haul all of it to Nick’s house. Mr. French describes, “Everything is connected from the honey, to the recycling, to back to the universe again.”

Furthermore, Colorado Hemp Honey is connected to many local communities. Beginning with the Bees again, Frangiosa Farms supports
ADOPT-A-HONEY-BEE + Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Through community education, backyard beekeeping workshops, and supporting locally sourced raw honey, they support the establishment of bee colonies using organic practices. Additionally, for every jar of Colorado Hemp Honey sold = 10 cents donated to the Veterans to Farmers program. This supports the veterans returning home from serving our country by training them in agriculture practices. Finally, they donate to Freedom Service Dogs which trains shelter dogs to perform specific tasks for veterans in need of a service dog. Nick himself is a veteran and understands that there are needs this community has including healing support from nature and her creatures.


@Frangiosa Farms

Moon Mother Hemp:

You know that the Moon Mother is going to be looking out for the Earth! Jessica Bates, Moon Mother’s founder, is a herbalist and feels a deep responsibility towards taking care of the Earth. She brings this sense of duty into her company at every single level. Moon Mother Hemp is committed to environmental sustainability and responsibility. This company invests in sustainable and biodynamic farming practices to produce their USDA Certified Organic Hemp. Their small farming crew works closely with the soil to build a relationship to the hemp plants themselves. They even nurture and harvest their plants by hand to affirm their deep respect and appreciation for the planet and it’s beautiful plant life. Importantly they employ crop rotation practices which is an extremely important practice in renewable farming and is vital in creating nutrient rich soil.

While the Moon Mother may not be making honey – she also understands the importance of caring for our bees! To protect pollinators, they grow organically and never use pesticides. Additionally they rotate crops which not only benefits the soil, but is extremely beneficial to pollinators! Lastly, they use companion plants, such as alyssum, fennel, and dill, which attract beneficial insects for the pollinators.

This company was designed from top to bottom to benefit the earth. Their motto is “seed to sale”. It’s not only the farming but the glass jars and the packaging have been hand picked to have the absolutely least amount of waste or environmental impact. Additionally their philanthropic commitments are based around healing Mother Nature herself. They joined 1% for the Planet, which is a global organization where companies around the world commit to 1%of their annual profit to creating a better environment. They specifically are aligned with the organization “Earth Guardians” whose mission is to teach the youth how to heal social, environmental, and climate injustices through embracing diversity, youth empowerment, global impacts, and local partnerships.

Ultimately, Moon Mother Hemp states herself that her mission is to make a difference in leaving a better world for all the children of this Earth.


@Moon Mother Hemp Farm

Re: Botanicals:

Re: Botanicals is all about the soil – something I am sure I taste in their scrumptious products – seriously they just taste like health feels. With another earth based mission statement, “At RE: Botanicals we are committed to making clean and safe products that are good for people and good for the earth. We believe that quality starts in the soil and applies to the ingredients and processes we use to create our products. We also donate 1% of our sales to support farmer education and implementation of regenerative agriculture practices.” They believe in the full circle cycles between the earth, the plants, and us. As their founder describes,

“I founded RE Botanicals with the belief that healthy soils lead to healthy plants, healthy people, healthy oceans and a healthy planet, and that the power of regenerative agriculture can help reverse climate change. That’s why I named our company RE Botanicals, which stands for Regenerative Botanicals.

– John Roulac

All Re: Botanical products meet every single USDA certified organic standard as outlined by the National Organic Program. This means no use of pesticides, solvents, or GMOs in their farming practices. Beyond this, they believe that how they farm really does matter to both you, the consumer, and the earth at large. Regenerative agriculture is intended to rebuild the soil, and it is the basis of Re: Botanicals. They describe regenerative farming as such, “Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop with organic certification. We also believe deeply in regenerative agriculture and its potential to heal the soil, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. Regenerative agriculture emphasizes that quality products start with healthy soil, while also taking into consideration land management and biodiversity, animal welfare, worker and farmer fairness and enhancing the overall ecosystems involved in a growing environment.” You see, modern farming practices utilize monocropping which depletes the soil of its nutrients, and eventually our bodies. This farming method emphasises creating more nutrient dense soil which leads to more nutrient dense crops. A plant grown in nutrient rich soil, is nutrient rich. A plant grown in nutrient deprived soil, is nutrient deprived. Health really does start from the root up. This is especially important with hemp as hemp is a bioaccumulator. This means that any toxins in the soil will be concentrated into the product and is why it’s so important to get organically farmed and 3rd party tested hemp products.



At Botanicam we are so proud of our manufacturing partners. People may not know what is going on behind the scenes, but we think they should be commended and recognized for all that they do for you and the world around us. Stand up and take a bow Colorado Hemp Honey, Moon Mother Hemp, and Re: Botanicals, we give you a standing ovation!

Stay tuned for the next round of our exceptional partners and what they are doing for the earth. 🙂


An Article By Evie Louise

Evie Louise is a recent psychology graduate from New York University. She is a certified in International Cannabinoid Clinical Therapy. Evie sees all forms of the cannabis sativa plant as the future of psychiatry, and hopes to use it in her therapy practice as a full spectrum approach to mental health and wellness.

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