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We are lucky to work with companies who have built their businesses on a foundation of love for the hemp plant and a duty towards helping to heal our Earth. If you want to check out previous blogs on how our manufactures work to nourish the Earth through their businesses please check out the blog Hemp Farms for the Earth. But for Earth Day, yesterday, we wanted to write about one manufacturer we represent that truly stands out in their passion for eco-friendly business practices and standards. This company lives their moral and ethical responsibilities towards the Earth from small acts of unplugging equipment at the end of the day, to the large acts such as donating their products when their community is in need. They are a truly conscious business.

“Here at Inesscents, our goal is to provide a means to healthy, glowing skin as well as to raise awareness in and around how the world does business. Not only do we rely on certified organic, wild harvested and fair-trade raw materials, ensuring sustainable farming practices and living wages for our famers, we make sure all our employees are paid fair and living wages.”

– Inesscents CBD


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If Inesscents was going to take on the project of manufacturing their herbal products?They knew it had to be developed out of their deeply felt ethical responsibility towards the environment. They began by really contemplating how they could make business conscious, sustainable, and create a positive impact on the earth’s body; just as hemp has a positive impact on our bodies. As herbalists, they knew it would be important to be able to use herbs which were rich in nutrients and therefore both responsibly and sustainably grown. So what exactly are their practices? And how are they giving back to the earth?

When it comes to the hemp, all of their hemp is organically grown and cultivated by farmers “right down the road in Southern Oregon” and they use the environmentally friendly CO2 extraction methods to ensure high quality and non-toxic CBD oil which they have a 3rd party, independently tested for toxins before distribution. These tests are openly available to all. When it comes to the other herbs, they source from local, organic farms as well as picking them from fields of Oregon where wild herbs, such as lavender, grow freely and plentifully. They take pride in the quality of their raw materials. They always look when finding materials for local suppliers and purchase Fair Trade from under-served communities, supporting human rights and extending benefits to those who need it most. They feel it is important to source locally because it supports the local economy and, for the herbs, it ensures the freshest ingredients for their products! The product packaging is recycled and recyclable (so recycle it), plus all products come in food-grade containers – no medicine should be put into plastic!


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When it comes to business practices, they reuse shipping materials. Partnering with local businesses around them, the Inesscents staff finds themselves collecting the packaging materials other businesses are not using, or were used and not destroyed, that would have been thrown out and instead Inesscents put them to use – the ultimate recycling. They clean their warehouse with non-toxic and sustainable cleaning supplies, they use 100% recycled unbleached office paper, and there are recycling bins distributed throughout the office. Everyone in the office takes on the responsibility for energy conservation; they use water only when needed, shut off the lights when they are not in use, and unplug from outlets at the end of every single day. Additionally, they use natural light when appropriate and open their doors/windows for ventilation when able. Inesscents is officially a Clean Energy business and EPA Green Power partner. This means they offset 100% of their energy usage. They are a B-Corp certified business, this organization rigorously audits and closely works alongside businesses to monitor and improve environmental and social business practices. Additionally in 2020 when, on top of everything, their region of Oregon suffered terrible destruction due to a wildfire, they jumped in as fast as they could providing hand sanitizers, soaps, and their supplements to their local community, despite themselves having to close down their own office and warehouse. Finally, as we do at Botanicam, they offer discounts to their veterans, active duty service personnel, first responders, those with long-term disabilities, and low income individuals.

Inesscents is serves as a role model for how businesses should be conducting themselves. We all must take responsibility as individuals for the future of this Earth and its people, this carries into how we do business. If each individual took on the responsibility of making this world a better place, we could self regulate and heal society from the inside out.

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An Article By Evie Louise

Evie Louise is a recent psychology graduate from New York University. She is a certified in International Cannabinoid Clinical Therapy. Evie sees all forms of the cannabis sativa plant as the future of psychiatry, and hopes to use it in her therapy practice as a full spectrum approach to mental health and wellness.

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