My conscience has forced me to write this blog. I could not watch another person heal without sharing this information with the world. 

Within the last year, we have had clients with non-healing wounds for various reasons – post-surgery, venous insufficiencies, never ending ulcers for years, and so forth. Our clients came to us after years of conventional medicine, a decade of pain and agitation, and summers spent inside nursing non-healing wounds – and  I have watched every client be healed by hemp CBD salves and tinctures. 


The short: Non-healing wounds are stuck in the inflammatory stage, and the CB2 receptors, which CBD works with, are the basis of the immune system AKA the inflammatory response of the body. CBD modulates the inflammatory response to be less where less is needed (creation of wound tissues) and more where more is needed (skin cell regeneration). 

Researchers in Germany found that CBD was able to both reduce oxidative stress as well as attenuate the inhibition of healing processes. Basically, the cannabinoids were able to balance out the immune response, ensuring that the immune system was not being overly active, while also promoting the activation of the skin cell and cartilage regeneration. The supply of the cannabinoids helped to restore the body’s ability to differentiate what needed to be healed and what didn’t – this is why homeostasis and balance are keywords when it comes to CBD. Because CBD controls all inflammatory functions, because it is the root system, it can help cells that aren’t working together properly to work synergistically. 

Check out the article here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0014482718304312

Surgeons in New Jersey looked at immunomodulation provided by cannabinoids in the lense of stem cell therapy. They found, “PFs [wounds] co-cultured with low CBD-primed ASCs had 75% faster wound closure at 18 hours…Our study demonstrates that cannabinoids can enhance the regenerative capacity of two major sources of stem cells, adipose- and bone marrow-derived, from human and porcine donors. Stem cell isolation and expansion is invasive, costly and time-consuming. Stem cells with improved regenerative properties may be effective in the treatment of acute or chronic wounds.” – Miller H., De Leo N., Badach J., et al. in Role of marijuana components on the regenerative ability of stem cells

Check out the research here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/cbf.3609 

Finally, scientists in Canada recommend more research and further applications of cannabis-based medicines after finding “Complete wound closure, defined as being fully epithelialized, was achieved among 11 patients (79%) and 13 wounds (81%) within a median of 34 days. All three remaining patients demonstrated progressive healing trends but were lost to follow-up.” The CBD worked for every participant suffering with venous leg ulcers, the only reason it wasn’t 100% is that the clients did not come back for their follow up! 

Another study by the same doctor was reported on by Forbes because it had an unheard of 90% success rate in healing wounds that, for some, hadn’t healed in over a decade. Dr. Vincent Maida explained to Forbes, 

“There’s ample pre-clinical information already published that THC and CBD and other elements of cannabis extracts have anti-inflammatory properties. My cannabinoid-based medicines are rebooting the wound out of that chronic inflammatory stage. The other thing that made me realize that wounds and cannabis were going to mix is that intact skin is hydrophilic, but a wound, on the other hand, is lipophilic. That kind of tissue can absorb THC and CBD which are also lipophilic. So it’s a perfect fit. This was one of my epiphany moments: that the very molecules that are anti-inflammatory in the cannabis extract are going to be able to be absorbed rapidly into a wound bed. So everything is lining up. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present in the integumentary system which is the largest organ of the body. And there’s a huge opportunity to activate the ECS through the integument, and promote things like healing wounds and relieving pain from wounds – because when you heal a wound, the pain goes away.”

Check out the research here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/exd.14395 

Check out the Forbes article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/abbierosner/2019/07/09/cannabis-based-medicine-a-breakthrough-for-healing-intractable-chronic-wounds/?sh=445ac9479387 


Here are pictures of one of our clients who suffered, using conventional medicine for 2 years, with never ending ulcers due to venous insufficiency. His daughter called us, acquired both the Endoca Salve as well as Moon Mother Hemp’s Heal All Skin Balm and applied using paraffin gauze over the CBD/wound. The treatment began at the beginning of April, and now, in June, her father’s ulcers (non-healing wounds) have almost healed. The doctors expect a full recovery by July. She, her father, the doctors, and the nurses could not believe it. To be honest I couldn’t believe it! But it’s not the first time CBD has blown me away 🙂 If you or a loved one is contending with these non-healing wounds, I implore you to try some high-quality CBD therapy. We know CBD works, you just need to find the products that are of quality – and that is exactly what Botanicam prides itself on. 

Here are some graphic photos if you would like to take a look!! 

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