I was very worried about getting Hemp neutered. It’s sad to take your little puppy to get his or her intimate parts literally taken out. I heard stories of people coming home to their dogs’ deafening looks and I just felt so bad. I was also worried because Hemp, who had gone under anesthesia before, did not have a typical reaction to the drugs. Hemp is generally a very low energy dog, but for some reason when on these drugs he becomes very boisterous, which worried me as he would have a large incision into his abdomen. I knew that I had to keep him calm and keep him out of pain.

The day came and he was of course very excited to go on a morning adventure, little did he know what was to come. When I picked him up he was actually in good spirits, I am telling you my dog likes drugs, as you can see his drug fueled state below. To prevent his pain I gave him the prescribed dose of pain medication, but this medicine made Hemp so sick. He had diarrhea and this was not only sad because it added to his pain, but it was extremely uncleanly with what he was trying to heal from. This is when I started giving him CBD. I recommend not giving your dog CBD before any surgery as there is a small risk of increased bleeding. This is why it is important to implement the CBD after.



I began to feed him CBD in the morning and at night. Not once did I see him in pain. I also rubbed salve over the wound and, wouldn’t you know, he recovered in half the time that the vets said he would. You see the dog endocannabinoid system is the regulator of their inflammation, just as our endocannabinoid system regulates our inflammation. This is why CBD is effective for dogs in all the same ways it is effective for humans. By supplementing with cannabinoids, one can speed up healing while making the recovery process a lot more tolerable and pain-free for the patient. Hemp worked for “Hemp” and maybe it will work for your buddy too.

We offer 3 different kinds of CBD products for oral digestion (we have the salve as well): nutri-shakers, treats, and oils. The nutri-shakers and treats are combined with superfoods and adaptogens to create an extremely healthy and nutrient dense supplement. We offer the treats in a 4 pack to see if your dog likes them, which I would suggest if your dog is like Hemp who is 25% husky and very finicky about what he will eat. The oil is my favorite option because the dosing is so easy to ensure consumption of all the mgs of CBD. But it is an oil – so if your dog is prone to runny stool, perhaps it’s not the best option. The nutrishakers are also awesome, but again my dog is a husky and usually doesn’t finish his food, therefore I am unsure how much CBD he has consumed. But if your dog is a plate cleaner, the adaptogens and superfoods in these make them extremely medicinal.

For my pain, CBD has proved to be the most effective option and that’s not even including the facts that 1. it heals the area it’s treating and 2. It has a much lower risk of negative side effects. Dogs have endocannabinoid systems just like we do, only they don’t have as many CB1 receptors – so no THC for them!! Only hemp derivations please!! And of course, get your products at a site you trust like Botanicam. It took us over a year to find a quality pet CBD manufacturer – what other companies are putting in our doggies products is just crazy!! But our brand, Petabis, is both organic and quality tested + produced to ensure safety and efficacy. You would not take your pet to the family doctor for their ailments? And same for your CBD therapy. Petabis was created by holistic veterinarians, and pet CBD products are the only CBD products they manufacture.We think it’s important to go to a veterinarian that specializes in pet care when finding pet CBD products, as they are the animal endocannabinoid system specialists.


An Article By Evie Louise

Evie Louise is a recent psychology graduate from New York University. She is a certified in International Cannabinoid Clinical Therapy. Evie sees all forms of the cannabis sativa plant as the future of psychiatry, and hopes to use it in her therapy practice as a full spectrum approach to mental health and wellness.

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