Botanicam has the following differentiators:

• 12-point stringent quality requirements for products offered.

• Innovative Website by world renown designer (with clear, easily accessible product information).

• Mobile phone friendly platform.

• APP & AI (Tech Savvy)

• Expert customer service for both order fulfillment and product questions.

• Unbiased product offerings of the best independently reviewed manufacturers and product lines.

• Content heavy – Video, Photos, Blogs

• 50 years of management experience to care for customers and provide a quality experience.

• Fully integrated in-house product offerings.

• Quality control throughout production - from cultivation to final sale.

• Easy to understand instructions and online query capabilities

• Panel of Experts (Board)

• On Call Doctors/Advisers

• CSR – as a strong focus

• Incubator (supporting small brands)

• International focus (including Latin America and Europe)