The emerging hemp derived CBD marketplace is fractured and riddled with false claims, misinformation, and lack of clarity and transparency. Botanicam has developed a 12-point quality and disclosure requirement screening system to provide consumers maximum information with effortless accessibility and bring to consumers the best products.

Botanicam provides an unbiased research and knowledge database so consumers feel confident in the products they choose and how they can bring relief to their particular ailments.

Botanicam product selection will be from top brands and carefully curated craft brands across the country who have met our stringent requirements. All products will be made with organic hemp CBD. 

Eventually, Botanicam will create and manufacture a proprietary line of products carefully controlled for quality with careful testing from cultivation to sale - of the raw materials and extract analysis.

CBD products curated and carried by Botanicam are derived strictly from industrial hemp containing a maximum of .03 THC. We are also offering CBD products which are entirely free of THC.

Given the stigma of products containing THC, Botanicam will appeal to all demographics, including pet owners.

Industrial hemp became federally legal with the passage of the Farm Bill 2018. The new gold rush of the CBD market is crowded as many people are jumping in without carefully scrutinizing the ingredients and the final product.

Botanicam will be the most comprehensive, innovative source for both education and quality product selection.