*All of the following information was taken from
Dr. Kevin Bethel, M.D.’s Zoom lecture on COVID-19*

This virus is spreading worldwide. While hand washing and social distancing are our responsibilities to our neighbors, loved ones, and the population as a whole, we are going to need to go past that. Many of us will be exposed to this virus; we need to get our bodies ready. Dr. Kevin Bethel, M.D. is studying this virus and he has put together some strategies to create cells that are ready for a COVID-19 attack—a virus that he classifies as a mix of SARS, HIV, and Dengue.


Strategy #1: Build the immune system with vitamin D – 10,000 units

The immune system is the first line of defense against Coronavirus (take your CBD!). What we want to do is boost our monocytes, macrophage activity, and lymphocytes—these are the white blood cells of the immune system, they perform immune duties and destroy the harmful foreign materials in the body such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Vitamin D modulates over 2,000 of our genes and, most importantly, it activates our macrophages. We want to get 10,000 units per day because the dose needs to be high enough to stimulate the liver to produce the macrophage activating factor. To get 10,000, a person needs at least 50% skin exposure to midday sun for at least 15 minutes. Vitamin D is also available in both capsule and sublingual form. Lastly, vitamin D stimulates the production of LL-37, a cathocedene molecule that is a very potent antiviral, which is great for those with asthma or other underlying respiratory conditions. If a person gets viral pneumonia, this often comes along with a secondary infection—therefore, boosting the immune system is a no-brainer and in Dr. Bethel’s opinion, vitamin D is the most important aspect of that.

Strategy #2: Inhibit access to the cell with the Receptor ACE-2 Complex Blocker, pycnogenol – 300mgs

This virus has spike proteins that want to bind to our angiotensin complex receptors (ACE-2). COVID-19 can get into the lungs, kidneys, and vascular system— these are the areas that have high amounts of the angiotensin receptor complex, so once the storm starts going, these are the organs that are affected. Therefore, for our second line of defense, Dr. Bethel wants us to inhibit the virus from interacting with these receptors. In previous outbreaks of coronavirus, those who were on these blockers fared better—but, there is a problem—these blockers cause a drop in blood pressure, so it is unreasonable to give these medications to people who do not need them without proper monitoring and considering possible side effects. Luckily, nature has given us a blocker in the form of pycnogenol that does not significantly drop blood pressure in most people. It has actually been used for centuries as a treatment for viral pneumonia in many cultures—it’s called “pine-needle” tea.

Right now, doctors are looking to take patients off those pharma angiotensin complex receptor blockers, due to the side effects being edema and pulmonary edema, which can cause a dry hacking cough (a side effect of COVID 19). This is a serious misstep, because these prescribed blockers increase the expression of ACE-2 on the cell. Therefore, it is really important that those who are on these medicines stay on them. What we need to do is keep them on these medications and deal with the side effects. Luckily, pycnogenol has been studied and can be a fantastic promoter and protector of healthy blood pressure, kidney, and heart function with vasorelaxant, antihypertensive, and anti-edema effects.

Strategy #3: Inhibit serine protease

What if the virus does bind to the receptor? Then it must send its RNA into the cell—how does it do this? There is a serine protease enzyme that uncouples the angiotensin complex and allows the RNA into the cell; we want to displace the serine protease and keep the complex together, therefore not allowing the RNA into the cell.

We can do this with serine protease inhibitors such as:

  • EGCG (a catechism from green tea)
  • Camellia Sinensis (another green tea catechism)
  • Bowman-Birk (catechins found on peanut skins)
  • Neem
  • Blue green algae (such as scytonema hofmanni) (not the toxic algae)
  • Papaya (contains bioactive compounds that are serine protease inhibitors)

Strategy #4: Stop the duplication of the virus inside of the cell by adding a zinc ionophore to increase zinc concentration in the infected cell

Once the virus accesses the RNA polymerase (or replicate) inside the cell, it replicates its own RNA and produces more and more virus molecules. Luckily, zinc is a proven inhibitor of viral RNA and can potentially inhibit the replication of the virus.

A great way to get a sufficient amount of zinc is a form of zinc called monomethionine—this can help a person get zinc to absorb at the cellular level and inhibit the enzyme. Other places to find zinc ionophore:

  • Cinchona plant. Source of tonic water: Quinine + Dihydroquinine and Cinchonine
    • Cinchonine is a zinc ionophore: gets aluminium (potential toxic effects) out of the cell and zinc into the cell
    • Chloroquine is a zinc ionophore
  • Hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil) is a zinc ionophore & antiviral
  • Clioquinol is a zinc ionophore
  • Sea sponge (leucetta chagosensis) naamidine A is a zinc ionophore

Strategy #5: Inactivate the toxic spike protein (what Dr. Bethel coins as “the most DIABOLICAL component of this virus”) with alpha-lipoic acid and calpeptin

So, what is this diabolical component? Furin, or those red spikes coming off of the virus (see above). Furin is a pro-protein convertase. It is a cardiovascular disease promoter, which means that it can get into the whole vascular system. This is very dangerous for pregnant women, as it can tamper with the development of heart function. Furin is also a neoplasm, or a cancer cell promoter, a neuro-toxin, and a hormone modulator. Furin also decreases the production of osteoclasts from osteoblasts. A decreased osteoclast count causes decreased glucose tolerance, decreased energy production in the cells, and decreased appetite. These are not only symptoms of COVID 19, but are also long term symptoms after “recovery.” This is extremely serious because this means that the furin protein could have long lasting health effects if not completely cleared from our bodies. This is why Dr. Bethel suggests the importance of testing to make sure that furin has been completely eliminated from the body, in order to avoid the creation of any long lasting damage to the body.

Even further, Dr. Bethel asks, “could we have asked for something more diabolical?” and explains that the presence of furins allows a dramatically increased ability to fuse to host cells, which then facilitates viral entry even in the cells that have low expressions of the ACE2 receptor. So, even if the cells are able to block the angiotensin complex receptor interactions, the furin creates a back door mechanism for the virus to enter the cells through this cleaving protein. The furin cleavage allows efficient virus entry into basically all cell types, making COVID-19 easily transmissible at rates up to 1,000 times greater than the SARS Coronavirus. Furin-like cleavage in human Coronavirus has been associated with the development of neurological diseases. The presence of furin enzymes on all cell surfaces cleaves and activates the SARS CoV-2 then unleashes NLRP3 inflammasomes, initiating a flurry of immune reactions that can result in a deadly storm of cytokines. This storm is what we are really aiming to prevent. So how can we stop this furin? We have two known furin inhibitors, alpha lipoic acid and calpeptin. Please, go get some of these and stay well, my friends!

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