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Endoca CBD Crystal 500mg 99% Pure

Endoca CBD Crystal 500mg 99% Pure


Endoca’s 99% Pure CBD Crystals deliver maximum CBD purity. These crystals use a CBD isolate that is extracted from certified organic hemp, then purified twice using a state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 method. Crystals are perfect for vaping and dabbing­—they can also be added to your edible recipes. Entirely THC free, CBD Crystals contain an array of naturally occurring terpenes that lend to the entourage effects of CBD. Each jar of concentrated crystals contains 500mg of CBD.

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The Complete Scoop on Endoca CBD Crystal

What is Endoca CBD Crystal?

99% Pure CBD Crystals are for customers and aficionados who are looking for maximum purity CBD in a form that is as potent as it is pure. Endoca Crystals are incredibly versatile. They can be vaporized via a vape pen or using a dabbing rig. Others use pure 99% Pure CBD Crystals to add to other products such as edibles, cosmetics, and topical creams. CBD Crystals can even be absorbed sublingually under the tongue. Each jar of concentrated crystals contains 500mg of CBD.

CBD Crystals (aka CBD Isolate) are extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant, which is why they're also known as cannabis crystals. The CBD used in these crystals is sourced from organic hemp using the most cutting-edge supercritical CO2 methods. During a second purification round, the CBD is separated from the other remaining phytonutrients until 99% purity is reached.

Benefits of Endoca CBD Crystal

Endoca 99% Pure CBD Crystals can be used to help maximize health or to maintain a healthy lifestyle while improving mental clarity.  Because of its incredibly rapid absorption rate, vaporizing has proven itself to be one of the fastest (and purest) ways of getting CBD into your system. While not as vast as inhalation of vapor, sublingually (under the tongue) dissolving crystals will also yield speedy results. Add the cleanest form of CBD possible to your daily routine, without any unnecessary additives by using Endoca CBD Crystal 99% Pure.

Why do customers choose Endoca CBD Crystal?

Many people are looking for pure CBD for vaping or to add to other products such as edibles or cosmetics. CBD Crystals are perfect for all of these delivery methods and can even be easily absorbed under the tongue. Ultimately, customers choose Endoca’s 99% Pure CBD Crystals for their potency, purity, and versatility.

How to use Endoca CBD Crystal

Vaporize Endoca’s 99% Pure CBD Crystals the same way you would vaporize any other cannabis or hemp oil concentrate. If you have any questions, refer to the instructions that came with your vape pen or dabbing rig. (Important Note: Dabbing is only recommended for advanced users. Users new to dabbing, and wishing to try, should only do so under the supervision of someone who has previous dabbing experience). Users may also add Crystals to the carrier oil of their choosing to create a tincture of a customized potency.

To create edibles using Crystals, melt the crystals with butter over very low heat, until homogenized. The resulting butter will absorb 100% of the CBD in the Crystals. Use butter as usual with any recipe that calls for butter.


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