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Some may not be able to come this holiday due to health concerns—so send them some holiday love from afar. Starting with our Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Buccal Spray, this is perfect for someone who is not feeling their best. The spray is packed with 600mg of CBD meant to soothe and heal an inflamed, scratchy, or generally painful throat. The Veritas CBD tincture will fuel cannabinoids to keep the systems of the body regulated and working in tandem. We have also included our Eucalyptus CBD Bath Salts which utilize pharmaceutical grade salts and organic oils to soothe body pains. Last, we have our Elderberry Colorado Hemp Honey for some immune support and holiday cheer! As organic as honey gets, Colorado Hemp Honey’s honey is filled with nutrients which provide amazing health benefits, especially for the immune system. Elderberry, hemp extract, and honey are all superfoods that are extremely beneficial to the immune system. Plus, it’s super yummy!!

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Green Earth Medicinals CBD Oral Buccal Spray

Green Earth Medicinals’ (GEM) CBD Oral Buccal Spray is designed to provide a quick boost to the body’s inflammation response and mental acuity while supporting a healthy nervous system by spraying a specially formulated CBD oil inside the cheek.

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Colorado Hemp Honey Jars

Fortify your body’s immune system this cold and flu season to trap the wellness in and keep the sneezes out! 100% pure, all-natural elderberry is loaded with antioxidants, dietary fiber, and vitamin C, making this one of the most commonly used medicinal plants worldwide for good reason.

CBD Botanically Infused Bath Salts

Harness the healing powers of CBD along with the finest pharmaceutical grade salts and organic oils to wash away stress and treat your mind, body, and soul to a calming and heavenly bathing experience that is guaranteed to leave you feeling brand new again.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

This 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture contains nothing but Full Spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts only) and an organic, fractionated coconut carrier oil. Flavored tinctures (Watermelon or Peppermint) add organic Stevia and essential oils, and use only natural flavors.