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Lulu’s CBD Truffles

Lulu lovingly crafts her chocolate from exquisite 100% organic chocolate that is fair trade, paleo-friendly, soy and gluten free, raw, and sweetened using low-glycemic coconut sugar. Lulu's Chocolate has long been the worst-kept secret to Chocolate enthusiasts. Now, their incredible Love Truffles are available for the first time with an infusion of broad spectrum CBD and Steam Distilled Terpenes. This exclusive recipe uses lab-tested CBD with a curated terpene profile to support the reduction of pain and stress while promoting deep relaxation and an elevated mood. These fine chocolates are also entirely free of solvents and THC. Each box contains three individual 20mg truffles, for a total of 60mg of CBD.

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ThoughtCloud Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG and CBD

ThoughtCloud’s pure and potent Charcoal Mask with Matcha has the perfect balance of CBD and CBG isolates—combined with activated charcoal, green tea matcha, and Bentonite clay—to keep your face radiating health and happiness with a flawless complexion that will light up any room. CBD beauty products are one of the most popular product categories, and there’s a reason that we can’t seem to keep this one on the shelf for long. After experiencing the smooth and supple, blemish-free skin that comes with using ThoughtCloud’s Charcoal Mask with Matcha CBG and CBD, you’ll be hooked. You’ll always feel like the belle of the ball with ThoughtCloud’s Charcoal Mask. Each jar contains 300mg of CBD isolate along with 50mg of CBG isolate, plus activated charcoal, green tea matcha, and Bentonite clay.

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CBD Botanically Infused Bath Salts

Treat your entire body to profound relaxation and blissful rejuvenation with Inesscents' CBD Botanically Infused Bath Salts. Whether you’re seeking to unwind from the hectic stress of daily life or simply to stop time for a luxurious spell, Inesscents' CBD Botanically Infused Bath Salts will deeply immerse you in decadence while boosting your body’s wellness. Harness the healing powers of CBD along with the finest pharmaceutical grade salts and organic oils to wash away stress and treat your mind, body, and soul to a calming and heavenly bathing experience that is guaranteed to leave you feeling brand new again. Inesscents' CBD Botanically Infused Bath Salts are available in two sizes: 4 oz. (one bath), containing a minimum of 40mg of full spectrum CBD and 16 oz. (four baths), containing a minimum of 180mg of CBD. Choose from Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Pure Unscented or try all three!

Moon Mother CBD Dream Balm

Dream Balm by Moon Mother Hemp Co., an herbalist-formulated blend of calming herbs and full spectrum CBD extract in a lush base crafted from organic oils and butters. Made using USDA-certified organic hemp grown exclusively in Colorado, only all-natural ingredients have been carefully chosen to promote a calm mind and deep, restful sleep. Each 1-ounce jar of CBD Dream Balm contains 250mg of independently tested, full spectrum cannabidiol oil (or 500mg in a 2-ounce jar).