Pure Ratios Limited Edition 48 hour CALM Patches


Ease your worries, soothe your tension and smooth the edges of your stress for up to 48-hours with the unique properties of the limited-edition 48-hour CALM Patch from Pure Ratios. For those who seek to fortify daily activity with a boost of wellness and mindfulness while also deepening rest at night, this blissful transdermal cannabidiol (CBD) patch—with just the right amount of CBN and CBC—is the perfect solution. Just apply this patch once every couple of days without any need to worry about taking additional doses throughout the day, or additional doses at night. With the technology of these patches creating a 90% bioavailability rate, make room for higher productivity by freeing your mind from unproductive worrying or stress and replacing your tension with renewed focus, relaxation and clarity. The water-proof 48-Hour CALM Patch’s time-release reservoir system and award-winning hemp extract makes CBD therapy a breeze. This patch is organic, additive-free, and hypoallergenic. Each patch delivers 35mg of cannabinoids at a 90% bioavailability rate. Pure Ratios’ 48-hour CALM patch is a limited-edition, so don’t delay. Order today!

If you purchase this product you will earn 5-333 Points worth $0.25-$9.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 5-333 Points worth $0.25-$9.00!