Separation Stress and Learning New Tricks Dog Bundle


Let’s face facts, it’s going to be ruff on dogs when you are not home all day long. Dogs are all about habit, and they can have trouble adjusting to new routines! Luckily, just as cannabinoids calm our stress pathways and facilitate new neural connections (new ways of thinking), cannabinoids can do the same for our doggies! Therefore, your pup will be calmer when you leave, on your walk, or when you’re just trying to relax! Additionally, CBD helps create focus: time to learn some new tricks on your walk or wherever!
Dogs appreciate a daily dose of CBD, just as we do. Daily CBD supplies the endocannabinoid system, especially the mechanisms by which the body cellularly calms the inflammatory pathways. In restoring this system, your dog will have a new supply of cannabinoids so that he or she is better able to adjust to and handle daily stress. Dogs are actually amazing examples of how CBD works, as they are all physiological responses, they don’t have a psyche making things complicated, and creating balance / reducing stress on a physiological level with cannabinoids will manifest in their behaviors (or lack thereof). Giving your dog daily CBD with the nutri-shakers, then using the oil when the time calls, is a great strategy to help your dog through ruff times. Or just to keep them healthy and at a homeostatic balance on a cellular level!
This is why we are offering our “Separation Stress and Learning New Tricks Dog Bundle”! Included in this super-saving bundle are three incredible products designed to chill out and relax the pooch when they need it most; CBD Nutri Calm Shaker Calm Support, CBD Hemp Oil for Pets, and a four-pack of Organic Snacker Pack (1.5mg CBD/each snack) for Daily Calming Support. Choose from the Big Dog or Small Dog Bundle. For larger dogs, the bundle includes 5mg of the Nutri Shaker and a 300mg bottle of CBD oil. Smaller dogs will receive 1.5mg of the Nutri Shaker and a 75mg bottle of CBD oil. Both bundles offer tremendous value saving you over 20% off Botanicam’s regular prices!

If you purchase this product you will earn 40-86 Points worth $2.00-$4.30!
If you purchase this product you will earn 40-86 Points worth $2.00-$4.30!