The Pleasure Bundle


A pleasureful bundle offered at an exceptional price for you and your loved one. This package of fun includes a 4 oz. bottle of Foria’s Natural Lubricant with CBD, a box of decadent Lulu’s CBD artisan chocolate truffles, or a delicious chocolate bar 80mg, and you can add an optional two or four-ounce bottle of Moon Mother Massage Oil to loosen up before play.

Throw away your old sexual lubricant and get ready to take your lovemaking to the next level with Foria’s Intimacy Natural Lubricant with cannabidiol (CBD). This is as pure and all-natural as it gets, containing nothing other than pristine, organic MCT coconut oil combined with CBD extract made from organic certified, regeneratively-grown USA hemp. You and your lover will sink deep into the pleasure-enhancing and soothing effects of CBD. CBD is well-known for penetrative muscle relaxation and its ability to increase blood flow, making this a perfect addition to the bedroom. Intimacy Natural Lubricant with CBD will increase tactile sensation to erogenous zones, while also easing tension and dryness. Use this luxurious lube exactly as you would use any other oil-based lubricant. Like other oil-based lubricants, do not use Intimacy Natural Lubricant with latex condoms or toys. Each four-fluid ounce bottle contains 200mg of CBD.

Lulu lovingly crafts her chocolate from fair trade, paleo-friendly, soy and gluten-free, raw, 100% organic cocoa sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Lulu’s Chocolate has long been the worst-kept secret to Chocolate enthusiasts. Now her incredible Love Truffles are available for the first time with an infusion of broad spectrum CBD and Steam Distilled Terpenes. This exclusive recipe uses lab tested CBD with a curated terpene profile to support the reduction of pain and stress while promoting deep relaxation and an elevated mood. These fine chocolates are also entirely free of solvents and THC. Each box contains three individual 20mg truffles, for a total of 60mg of CBD.

If you purchase this product you will earn 48-115 Points worth $2.40-$5.75!
If you purchase this product you will earn 48-115 Points worth $2.40-$5.75!