Our Products and Service GUARANTEE:

12-Point Checklist

1. Organic or sustainable raw materials. All products derived from organic non-GMO hemp grown in the USA and select international cultivators are whole plant extract with high resin hemp plant (and until USDA Certification is attainable will conform to USDA Organic cultivation guidelines).

2. Oil Carrier/Bio Available - using the most efficient oil carriers available for maximum bio-availability.

3. Have batch & third-party laboratory test results available on site. Each batch of flower and finished product tested by a state certified testing facility for potency legality and safety. These test results shall be made available online.
These tests shall certify 3 things:

a. the amount of CBD and the amount of THC contained in the product (must test below 0.3%), and

b. free of toxic pesticides, preservatives and additives, and

c. full terpene and cannabinoid profile.

4. Green-conscious extraction methods that preserve all beneficial plant elements. Full Spectrum CBD extraction either by CO2, or organic ethanol wash (cold pressed).

5. Clearly packaged and labelled with ingredients and usage recommendations. Clear dosage and content labeling with appropriate expiration and certification labels.

6. Manufactured using cGMP/HACCP or FDA-approved standards. Adhering to FDA cGMP, SQF level3 for food grade practices and ideally certified.

7. Certified, independent online reviews from actual consumers. Unbiased industry evaluations and customer testimonials, rankings and industry awards.

8. Superior customer service, throughout the purchasing process. Reputable sellers easily contacted by email or phone to answer questions about their products.

9. Complete ingredients list. Extensive product details available online or easily attainable describing suggested usage, dosage, profiles and taste descriptions (if appropriate).

10. NO animal testing.

11. NO artificial chemicals or preservatives.

12. A financial assistance program for low-income individuals and veterans, strong business ethics, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects, and a commitment to improving the quality of peoples’ lives, the environment and our planet.