The academic paper Redefining Chronic Inflammation in Aging and Age-Related Diseases: Proposal of the Senoinflammation Concept states,

“One of the major changes that occur during aging is the dysregulation of
the immune response, leading to a chronic systemic inflammatory state. Among the dysregulated proinflammatory mediators, cytokines and chemokines are major culprits in the development of chronic inflammation and the immunosenescence process…The most noticeable cellular inflammatory changes in age-related chronic conditions are associated with macrophages.”

-Chung, Hae Young, et al. Aging and Disease, vol. 10, no. 2, 2019.

Let’s take this on piece by piece.

1. A major change that occurs during aging is the dysregulation of immune response, which leads to chronic, systemic inflammation.
a. Cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoids are what regulate and keep the body’s inflammation at homeostasis. Yet many of our bodies have deficient supplies of cannabinoids to activate these cannabinoid receptors, especially as we age.

2. There are dysregulated proinflammatory mediators, such as cytokines and chemokines, which act as the primary causes in the development of chronic inflammation and immunosenescence (this is the gradual decline in immune functioning which is triggered by the aging process).
a. It is important to know that CBD works primarily with the CB2 receptors. CB2 receptors are what meditate the responses of the immune system. CB2 receptors inhibit the release of proinflammatory factors by regulating non-neuronal cells. Non-neuronal cells are the cells that maintain homeostasis in the central and peripheral nervous systems. Basically, cannabinoids stop the body when it’s producing excessive inflammation which brings our body back to a state of homeostasis.
b. Additionally cannabinoids modulate and downregulate cytokine expression.

3. In diseases brought on by excessive inflammation, the most noticeable changes to the cells are associated with macrophages.
a. CB2 receptors modulate the activity of macrophages and reduce nitric oxide production in macrophages

Inflammation is important to prevent because it causes many age-related diseases that range from diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Cannabinoids are able to keep the body at homeostasis as we age, therefore preventing the aches and diseases brought on by inflammation at a cellular level. You see the body has more cannabinoid receptors than any other type of receptors and that is because these receptors control the inflammation of the entire body, from the brain to the toes. Not only will supplying the endocannabinoid system help one be feeling better, but the body’s cells will be healthier, and that is where disease begins.

What CBD products do I recommend?

If the goal is disease prevention a tincture, capsule, or edible is the best way to go. I prefer a tincture, but capsules and our edible gummies offer precise dosing. Plus, something like a gummy cube or a capsule is easier to tolerate for those that are perhaps uncomfortable with the idea of CBD.

If the goal is pain reduction, topical application, as in a salve or a roll-on, is ideal. Just as cannabinoids are supplied to the systems of the body in oral dosing, applying CBD to the skin causes cannabinoids to build up in the skin and underlying muscle tissue.

Both pain reduction and disease prevention in one? Our favorite product for everyone of every age are our CBD patches. These stay on for 4 days and supply a slow and steady stream of cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream.

Our favorite bundle for our seniors is of course our Grandma and Grandpa
. Equipped with both the CBD gummies and the CBD patch, plus an extremely potent CBD salve for fast-acting pain relief.

cbd for seniors
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