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What’s the Future of CBD? Find Out What the Experts Say

Ask the Experts at the Cannabis Science Conference, Portland.

Dr Dustin Sulak: How Does One Utilize CBD vs THC?

How does one utilize CBD vs THC? What is the difference between the two? What is all the commotion about CBD and anxiety…? Does CBD help anxiety? Why are people talking about CBD for anxiety and depression? Can CBD get you high? (No!) What is the right CBD dosage?
Dr. Dustin Sulak is a renowned integrative medicine physician who has helped 18,000+ patients. He discusses CBD, how it affects one mentally, dosing ranges, and more!
Hemp vs CBD? The hemp extract CBD is cannabinoid, just like THC. The THC molecule creates the euphoric “high”, while the CBD molecule creates focus. They are yin and yang!
Then what is hemp vs cannabis? Both CBD and THC are derivatives of the hemp and cannabis plants, and both plants are in the family of the cannabis sativa plant. The hemp plant produces high amounts of CBD and minimal amounts of THC, while the cannabis plant produces high amounts of THC and minimal amounts of CBD. This is why cannabis gets you high and hemp does not.

Dr Rachel Knox, an Endocannabinologist, Talks About CBD for Wellness & Disease Prevention

CBD oils are for sale widely across the country and everyone wants to know about CBD Wellness. What are CBD extracts and why is everyone talking about CBD for anxiety and depression? What are the CBD effects on the brain and body? How does it do what it does? Why is the Hemp extract CBD in such popular demand?
Dr. Rachel Knox explains why CBD is such a great supplement for wellness and disease prevention. Hint: It’s the ECS!

Meet Colorado Hemp Honey

From the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains comes a hemp-based CBD honey that is truly the bee’s knees!
Colorado is well-known for premium hemp and some of the best raw honey on the planet.
Colorado Hemp Honey has combined the best of both worlds and is proud to deliver the purest and most delicious hemp CBD honey to our customers.

Interview with Dr. Bethel on The Power of CBD

Dr. Bethel is a family physician who believes in the power of CBD Oil.
Botanicam is the most trusted e-commerce and education source for the highest quality and most diverse hemp CBD products.

Botanicam Community Aid to The Bahamas

Botanicam joined the international community in providing everyday items to help the Bahamas rebuild the lives torn apart by Hurricane Dorian.
Botanicam is the most trusted e-commerce and education source for the highest quality and most diverse hemp CBD products.
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