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About Green Earth Medicinals

At the crossroads of science and compassion, you'll find Green Earth Medicinals (GEM). Founder and board-certified physician, Dr. Christian Le poured everything he knew into Green Earth Medicinals, based on his decade-plus experience working clinically with patients using cannabinoid therapy. Collaborating with Chief Formulator, Dr. Jason Miller, they developed products specifically to address the types of chronic issues Le would encounter in his practice as a clinician.

As the anecdotal evidence of CBD's incredible potential in dealing with a wide range of chronic issues began to spread, Le immediately noticed—with mainstream acceptance taking hold—an overabundance of sub-standard and downright illegitimate “CBD” products infiltrating the marketplace. He also saw that the only way to ensure that patients were getting truly beneficial CBD was to create a company with the accountability that patients expect of doctors and clinicians.

Using the most stringent manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art extraction and refinement techniques, GEM has created a cannabinoid concentrate that captures the full spectrum of phytochemicals and terpenes of the originating plant. All Green Earth Medicinals products are quadruple-tested for purity and potency.

Why Buy Green Earth Medicinals CBD Products?

As one of the only CBD companies founded by a board-certified physician bound to the ideals and ethics of the Hippocratic Oath, Green Earth Medicinals brings an unmatched level of integrity to everything they produce. Beginning with CBD-rich cultivars developed over generations of precise breeding, they maintain the plant's quality through the use of organic soils and all-natural horticultural methods.

True to their name, Green Earth Medicinals is as dedicated to the health of the planet and its natural resources as they are to the health of the people using their products. Green Earth Medicinals was designed from the ground up to meet a specific need the marketplace lacked: to empower people with products crafted with a doctor’s spirit of compassion and care, allowing individuals to live lives imbued with serenity, mindfulness, and wellness, along with decreased pain and increased recovery.

Green Earth Medicinals believes in combining ancient healers' accumulated wisdom with the power of the scientific method and hands-on clinical experience. To that end, their formulas go beyond CBD and the entourage effect of full-spectrum hemp to include the potential of over thirty additional botanicals. By doing so, they have discovered that they can enhance efficacy and increase the rate of absorption while targeting specific biological systems using ingredients tested over centuries.

Benefits of Choosing Green Earth Medicinals

Green Earth Medicinals integrates traditional wisdom with modern science. For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese medical practitioners have incorporated hemp in their apothecaries. Though the ancients lacked the scientific technology harnessed by GEM, they always employed a “whole-plant” approach when treating using hemp. Even if they had the technology to create CBD isolates devoid of terpenes, flavonoids, and trace cannabinoids, they would not have done so. They intuitively understand what modern science has since corroborated—CBD works best when the naturally-occurring matrix of phytochemicals is maintained.

Green Earth Medicinals freely shares the most current CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for every product sold via their website.

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