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About Endoca CBD

Unlike other companies in the CBD industry, Endoca was born from a desire to do what is best for the most people. While studying biotech and working overseas, the founder of Endoca, Henry Vincenty, spent time helping AIDS patients in the Zulu region of Africa. It was here that he witnessed how much damage the so-called treatments were actually doing to the locals. In some cases, the medications given for one health issue would actually worsen the symptoms and hasten the development of AIDS. The inequity Henry witnessed spurred a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Endoca.

Back in the States, the growing CBD movement offered a healthy and natural alternative to these dangerous medications and treatments. Research and innovation fueled by what was seen and experienced in Zulu lead the company to create its now top-selling lines of CBD products. To this day, the passion that led one man to find a way to help people suffering from a deadly disease is the one thing that drives every product innovation at Endoca.

Why Buy Endoca CBD Products?

The company does not believe in outsourcing its hemp needs. Instead, Endoca grows more than 2,000 acres of hemp plants in a completely organic manner. This means your CBD products are always free from chemicals, pesticides, and other foreign substances that can do more harm than good. The factory that produces the company's product lines maintains pharmaceutical-grade standards and requirements. When the number one goal is to provide the safest and most effective CBD products on the market, that means you have to begin with the safest and most hygienic possible conditions.

While not a mom and pop type operation, Endoca is still a small business that is owned and operated on a global scale. The company holds a moral obligation to make CBD available to those that need it around the world. They do this with the support of local farmers as the company expands its product lines and global reach.

Why Shop for Endoca CBD Products Online?

The very first company to sell CBD online is still one of the top CBD companies to purchase from. Endoca made a name for themselves when they began selling CBD products over the internet, and since then, the company's focus on technology and research-driven operations and products has enabled them to continue providing quality CBD to the globe.

We only bring you the best in CBD companies and products. This means when you see a company like Endoca here, you know that they have been vetted and researched to ensure the quality and integrity of both their product and their company. Shop with confidence – know that we have weeded out all of the bad seeds and left only the cream of the crop for you to choose from.

Benefits of Choosing Endoca for CBD Products

Endoca is a company that prioritizes people over profit. This is why they only use organic methods to grow their hemp plants on more than 2,000 acres of land. The values and integrity of Endoca extend far beyond their production methods—the Endoca Forest School is supported by the sales of their products and allows children to get out in nature and learn about the plant that sustains our very life. As the company grows, so too will their outreach and education programs. When we choose to partner with companies that are looking out for the best interests of everyone, everyone wins.

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