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About Petabis Organics

Petabis Organics believes deeply in truly all-natural processes and the divine power of plants. All of their products are USDA certified and human-grade. They are proud to be the only CBD brand that utilizes a zero-chemical footprint with absolutely no chemicals involved in the processes used to produce their terpene-rich CBD oils, topical salves, capsules, and snacks. That means absolutely no CO2 and no carcinogenic solvents or chemicals, such as butane, hexane, pentane, or ethanol.

Why Buy Petabis Organics CBD Products?

Petabis Organics is also the only CBD brand that utilizes a completely natural, patented thermal extraction process. This proprietary method produces their activated CBD oil in a matter of seconds—other methods can take hours. This process results in an oil that contains the highest level of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes of any activated edible extract on the planet. Petabis is the only CBD brand that uses TRUE-spectrum, whole plant, high CBD extract. Their methodology provides the full array of naturally derived plant compounds, including all of the CBDs, all of the terpenes, and all of the flavonoids in their raw organic state. No artificial manipulation is introduced anywhere in the process. Oil providers that only list “CBD” on their label are likely derived from isolates. The CBD produced by Petabis Organics is not mixed with chemical compound formulations in a lab so that they can be labeled “full spectrum”; the CBD extracted is full spectrum in its natural state. Consumers can count on Petabis Labs to deliver third-party lab tested products that are consistent in their appearance, concentration and efficacy batch-to-batch, week-to-week, and purchase-after-purchase. You will get the same results with every purchase, every single time. From beginning to end, Petabis demonstrates their deep commitment to using only all-natural processes. They are the only CBD brand that is 100% USDA Certified Organic, uses 100% fully-sustainable, biodynamic farming techniques, and operates both the largest 100 square foot indoor hemp greenhouses and five acres of outdoor fields. They practice a zero-waste grow and production process from harvesting to manufacturing.

Benefits of Choosing Petabis Organics

Petabis Organics oils are pure and clear, with a naturally sweet, nutty flavor, free of bitter carbonic acids. The chlorophylls in Petabis Organics products provide superior taste and high potential for therapeutics. Their product line includes a wide assortment of therapeutic products suitable for cats, dogs, small animals, and horses, including CBD oils, topical salves, capsules, and snack treats which contain no scent or essential oil barriers, making them the most effective CBD pet products on the marketplace.

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