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About Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms believes in complete transparency in what goes into the making of its line of full-spectrum CBD products. It's not enough to know which foods, supplements, and medicines are good for us, but that they're produced responsibly for the end-user and the planet. From seed-to-sale, Veritas Farms is fully committed to growing the finest hemp and utilizing the most efficient and carbon neutral extraction processes to deliver a product that is organic, pure, and potent. Veritas is dedicated to their hemp strain and seek to produce products with diverse cannabinoids. Using a proprietary farming methodology in conjunction with a rigorous standard of quality control every step of the way, the diverse line of tinctures, capsules, topical lotions and balms, massage oil, and even veterinarian products, is among the finest you can find in the full-spectrum CBD arena.

Why Buy Veritas Farms CBD Products?

Veritas Farms knows that the only way to deliver the best hemp products is to begin by using the best hemp.

Since its inception, Veritas Farms has been fully committed to producing the finest quality hemp products on the market while having a minimum impact on the land and environment. Using unique cultivation practices—including the development of an exclusive fertilizer designed to balance out the local ecosystem—they can produce the highest quality product with a minimal carbon footprint. Drip irrigation ensures that all plants receive proper hydration while conserving Colorado's nutrient-rich Rocky Mountain water. Instead of growing from seeds, Veritas Farms only grows using clones from mother plants. This allows for genetic stability.

Strict quality control measures are employed from the moment the plants begin to flower and continue through the final packaging process. Veritas Farms monitors cannabinoid levels using a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer. This guarantees full compliance with all of the regulations set forth by the Colorado Department of Agriculture with industrial hemp.

Benefits of Choosing Veritas Farms

The full-spectrum CBD products produced by Veritas Farms contain the highest CBD potencies on the market. All of their products are grown and manufactured exclusively in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado using proprietary and sustainable farming methods. Whether you're looking for a tincture, beauty products, pain, and moisturizing lotions, massage oil, or veterinary products for your pet, buying Veritas Farms ensures that you are receiving one of the best and most trusted CBD brands available.