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About Colorado Hemp Honey CBD Products
In the heart of Colorado, you can find some of the finest hemp CBD in the world—you can also find some of the most delicious honey in the world. One company has perfected the art of combining the best of both worlds.

Colorado Hemp Honey offers some of the finest pure and raw honey from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Nick French is the founder and main bee shepherd behind the powerful Colorado Hemp Honey brand. In a short amount of time, he has managed to make a name for himself and his company by offering pure honey, straight from the hive, without the additional processing and additives of other brands.

Colorado Hemp Honey works with local hemp farmers to source some of the finest grown full spectrum hemp to produce its proprietary extract blend from. Their extraction methods are renewable to ensure you are receiving the most benefits from your hemp CBD honey products.

Why Buy Colorado Hemp Honey CBD Products?

The best way to enjoy anything is in its natural state. Much of the honey you will find locally in stores—and even specialty and artisan shops—will contain preservatives, chemicals, or additives that will detract from the natural taste, beauty, and nutritional value of the honey. Colorado Hemp Honey does not use any of these additives and instead, they let the natural honey do all the work.

The bees are cared for and the hives are cleaned using all-natural and organic practices. This helps ensure that there are no extra chemicals in your honey or causing any harm to the bees themselves. Colorado Hemp Honey never cuts their honey with syrup of any sort and always strains the honey to keep more of the natural and nutritional benefits inside.

Why Shop for Colorado Hemp Honey Online?

Colorado Hemp Honey is not something you are going to find at your local grocery store or artisan shop. If you are lucky enough to find natural honey, it is unlikely the production process will be as organic with care to preserve the natural flavors and benefits of the honey. Colorado Hemp Honey was not created to simply make money, but to help spread the love of natural, unfiltered honey and CBD to the world. That is why their entire production process is always geared with you and your health in mind.

You can shop Botanicam with confidence because we only deal with the best and most trusted companies in the hemp CBD arena. Our staff goes through every company with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they are trustworthy and safe. Make things easy and only use companies found at Botanicam for all of your family's CBD needs.

Benefits of Choosing Colorado Hemp Honey

Colorado Hemp Honey provides top-tier honey combined with locally sourced and expertly grown hemp CBD. Together, these ingredients provide a host of health and wellness benefits that other products simply cannot compare with. Even further, Colorado Hemp Honey makes some of the most delicious honey in the world by allowing nature to take care of the flavoring. All of their honey is free of additives and chemicals that can damage the flavor, integrity, and health value of their products.

Beyond providing fine CBD honey and products, Colorado Hemp Honey does a lot to help out their local communities. Portions of the proceeds from all sales go to organizations that benefit veterans and help to sustain bee colonies. The only way we can win is when we all win.

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