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What Are CBD Topicals?

Similar to other herbal extracts, such as aloe vera or green tea, cannabidiol (CBD) comes in many forms that offer a variety of benefits. Unlike tinctures and edibles, topicals are a class of products that are designed to be used only on the skin, rather than via ingestion. Many of these products are blended with other all-natural ingredients and nutrients that offer moisturizing benefits for dry skin; other topicals are kept in their concentrated form to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits CBD offers.

CBD topicals are best suited for individuals who are looking for joint pain relief, to reduce muscle aches and pain, or for other acute feelings of tenseness. Below is a brief overview of the different CBD topical categories we offer here at Botanicam:

CBD Salves and Balms

CBD salves and balms not only nourish your skin, but also are designed to rapidly absorb through the skin and address joint pain and muscle soreness at the root. Many athletes turn to CBD balms and salves to reduce muscle inflammation post-workout. They are also commonly used to reduce neck tension and muscle stiffness from long hours of sitting or standing. Salves and balms are easy to work into your daily routine. For a special treat, take them to your favorite masseuse to have them professionally rubbed into your muscles.

CBD Lotions and Creams

While CBD lotions offer similar anti-inflammatory benefits to salves and balms, these products are most often blended with other all-natural hydrating agents to keep your skin soft, moisturized, and youthful. You may choose to substitute one of our CBD creams or lotions for your everyday body or face moisturizer, especially if you have frequent muscle or joint soreness.

CBD Oil Patches

CBD patches are designed to slowly release the beneficial nutrients into your bloodstream over a longer period of time when compared to CBD balms and salves. They are incredibly easy to apply and keep on throughout the day, providing consistent and continued relief of muscle aches and joint soreness without requiring frequent application. CBD patches also come in a variety of concentrations to choose from, depending on the desired effects.

CBD Suppositories

Many individuals choose CBD suppositories for the highly effective delivery they provide directly to the bloodstream. Since CBD suppositories do not have to endure the process of digestion, the CBD absorption rate is nearly double that of edible products. However, CBD suppositories are not for everyone, so talk to your doctor before starting one of the regimens we offer.

CBD Ointments

CBD ointments are similar to CBD balms and salves in that they are designed for quick, targeted relief of muscles and joints. These products tend to be more concentrated and generally thicker in texture compared to CBD lotions—they are a popular choice for CBD massages.

What are the Benefits of CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals provide a pain-reducing alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals and painkillers, offering safer (and sometimes more effective) relief. Many people use CBD topicals to treat ailments ranging from arthritis to shin splints. These products are also popular among bodybuilders and fitness gurus for relieving soreness and reducing recovery duration. Here are several common benefits of CBD topicals:

CBD Creams Can Help Keep Skin Clear

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have been shown to reduce the body’s natural production of sebocytes in the skin (a contributor to acne irritations). CBD oil is also known to normalize the skin’s natural chemical levels, thus reducing future breakouts.

CBD Shows Potential for Reducing Occasional Joint Pain

Research has shown that topical CBD offers therapeutic potential for the reduction of joint stiffness, pain and inflammation, free from harmful or dangerous side effects.

CBD Can Relieve Common Back Pain and Aches

Many CBD balms, salves, and ointments are go-to products for massage professionals given their ability to relieve acute pain, especially when combined with deep-tissue massages.

Why Choose CBD Topicals from Botanicam?

When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality products on the CBD market. All of our CBD topicals undergo a stringent vetting process to ensure that you are receiving the level of quality you deserve and can always expect from our brand. All of our products are fair trade, organic, and sustainably sourced. We only partner with environmentally-conscious brands and use shipping material that is earth-friendly and biodegradable. We care deeply about helping you find the best possible products for your experience level and goals. We also care that you're using CBD properly. This is why all of our products include a detailed set of instructions for use. We're committed to sharing the most up-to-date research about CBD, so we're always in a position to provide our customers with the best and most cutting-edge products on the market.

Have questions about one of our products? Are you unsure which CBD topical is best suited to meet your needs? Get in touch with our knowledgeable support team, and we can help you find the best CBD topical for you.

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