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About Lulu's Chocolates

Louise Bonner—or as she is known to her friends, “Lulu”—is a self-professed chocoholic. One day, she received the horrible news that she had to give up sugar. While Lulu initially thought this meant the end to her life-long love of chocolate, it was actually the beginning of a new chapter in this love story. She soon discovered the joy of Hawaiian raw cacao trees. Her life became about sharing this decadent joy of organic dark chocolate with the rest of the world.

Lulu realized there is a healthy nutritional side to organic dark chocolate that isn't found in other types of chocolate. Lulu's Chocolates was created to help bridge the gap between the utterly delicious and the surprisingly healthy sides of organic dark chocolate treats. Along this journey, Lulu has discovered that nature has many other great ingredients that can add to both the flavor and the nutritional benefits of organic dark chocolates.

Why Buy Lulu's Chocolates Products

Lulu's Chocolates have been doing business all over the world since the early 2000s and has become a household name in many countries. The company has a history of focusing on both the delicious and nutritious sides of organic dark chocolates. Eating a little organic dark chocolate can actually help boost certain happiness chemicals and receptors in the brain. Beyond that, organic dark chocolate is a decent source of antioxidants, magnesium, and certain minerals that are naturally found in the cacao.

Lulu's Chocolates offers unique CBD Chocolate Bars that have hemp CBD oil added into the already nutritious and delicious formulas. These organic dark chocolate bars contain hemp-based CBD oil in each bar and have been named a top CBD product by NY Mag. These bars are vegan, natural, and packed with nourishing CBD that can offer health and wellness benefits for the whole family.

Why Shop for Lulu's Chocolates Online?

While Lulu's Chocolates has many products in stores all over the world, finding the Lulu's Chocolates CBD Chocolate can be a more difficult task. Avoid spending the time searching high and low for them and never settle for anything less than the best by ordering them online through Botanicam. This way, you can get on with your day and rest assured knowing that your CBD-packed organic dark chocolate bars are on their way.

Botanicam only offers the best in all CBD products we list. This is done through careful and thorough vetting of each and every business we list. CBD has plenty of great health benefits, but only when handled correctly by a trusted company. We know that your life, and your family's life, is in our hands each and every time you order a product through our site. We're rigorous in our pursuit of only the highest quality CBD products and companies on the market.

Benefits of Choosing Lulu's Chocolates

The real benefit to choosing Lulu's Chocolates over other CBD treats is that they make one delicious piece of chocolate! Unlike some other companies that began by creating CBD products and subsequently have added chocolate to their product lines, Lulu is an artisan chococlatier who sees the benefits of adding CBD to a distinct line of chocolates already created for wellness. The addition of CBD products to their growing line of great-tasting chocolate candies is simply another way to make their already yummy treats even tastier and healthier. The mix of health benefits from the organic dark chocolate and natural hemp-derived CBD oil makes these chocolate bars a great little treat that packs a very nutritious punch.