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About RE: Botanicals CBD

RE: Botanicals CBD was founded by John W. Roulac to re-invigorate the health and wellness industry. During a time when so much wellness is based on manufactured chemicals, John wanted to return to nature with something both effective and natural. For more than two decades, he has worked within the agriculture and hemp industries to cultivate something that respects the classic tradition of artisan apothecary.

The passion and commitment to a well-made and all-natural product doesn't end with John W. Roulac. From the moment the hemp plants are planted, they are treated with care, using all-natural organic farming methods. At no time are any harmful pesticides or any foreign contaminants ever introduced into the production process. For RE: Botanicals CBD, your safety and wellness have the utmost priority.

Why Buy RE Botanicals CBD Products?

The only reason to purchase any wellness product is that you trust the company. You want to know that the products you are using are pure and clean of anything that may reduce the natural effects of the CBD. RE: Botanicals CBD is a company built upon that trust.

Author and agricultural expert John Roulac founded the RE: Botanicals CBD brand to bring the power of nature into the homes of those who need it most. To do so, he uses USDA Organic certified farming methods that ensure the only thing that is absorbed into the plants from the soil and the environment is nature's own goodness. The entire process is designed to resemble the time-honored traditions of the classic apothecaries that would bring healing and wellness to the people of the land. This is why RE: Botanicals CBD is called the pure organic hemp apothecary.

Why Shop for RE Botanicals Online?

Finding the right CBD products in local shops can be difficult, if not impossible. Why worry about getting a product that is not going to work or is not what's advertised? We have the vetted products in the strength you need. If it's listed on this site, you can be assured that it only uses USDA-certified organic farming methods. When you shop with us, you know that you're only choosing from the best companies and products in the hemp CBD industry. We carefully examine every company we work with to ensure they're providing the highest quality CBD products possible.

RE: Botanicals CBD lives up to our high standards and manages to consistently raise the bar by continually refining the all-natural production process. By working closely with only the most well-respected hemp farmers, RE: Botanicals assures that their customers are getting the highest grade hemp CBD available.

The company also works closely with many ecological groups around the world. John has had a hand in helping to create some influential groups that help promote health and wellness through natural living.

Benefits of Choosing RE Botanicals

The benefits of choosing RE: Botanicals CBD products lies in their commitment to providing a pure and all-natural product to users all around the world. Through every step of their process, RE: Botanicals CBD is looking out for your best interests. John has dedicated his life to making yours better and healthier—that dedication is evident in RE: Botanicals products and in the work that RE: Botanicals is doing all around the globe.

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