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About Ananda Hemp CBD

Life begins with one seed. In the case of Ananda Hemp CBD, these seeds of life come from their parent company Ecofibre Ltd. For almost twenty years, Ecofibre Ltd. has been a premier Australian genetic development company. Currently, they house the largest private cannabis seed bank in the world. There are now more than 300 different cultivars and ascensions that have come from every corner of the globe. In some cases, these cultivars have come from complex breeding and certification processes. Through these processes, Ananda Hemp CBD can be certified under the UN Single Convention by the OECD, which means they can legally transfer their seeds from Australia to the United States with DEA permission. Upon arrival to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, seeds are grown by experienced farmers who have dedicated their lives to the specific needs of growing hemp plants.

Why Buy Ananda Hemp CBD Products?

Ananda Hemp CBD is the only place you can find many of these exclusive genetic breeds. They have spent years perfecting these plant seeds to ensure they are providing top CBD benefits to the people that genuinely need it. Their strict adherence to certification processes means that all sources of their CBD are traceable back to where the seeds originated. You can always personally verify that Ananda Hemp CBD is providing you with the best and sometimes exclusive hemp CBD products and benefits.

In the end, it is your health and wellness that matters the most. Don't just trust your life to any company. Make sure the company you are entrusting your life to has your best interests at heart. That company is Ananda Hemp.

Why Shop for Ananda Hemp Online?

There are not many companies out there that have spent so much time perfecting their products and their sourced hemp CBD. When you are talking about Ananda Hemp CBD products, you are talking about nearly twenty years of research that has resulted in superior quality seeds that breed superior quality plants. Once brought into Kentucky, eighth-generation farmers work closely with others in the company to ensure all growing methods conform to best practices. Ananda Hemp never uses pesticides or harmful chemicals that can reduce the effectiveness of the CBD or possibly make the products less safe for use.

All products undergo extensive testing throughout the entire grow and manufacturing process, to check for things such as contaminants, potency, and quality. Each batch goes through a minimum of three verified independent lab tests. These tests are done by notable and certified hemp and food testing labs.

Benefits of Choosing Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp CBD products are always consistent. Thanks to the pure and scientifically produced heritage of each seed, you can be sure that your hemp CBD products start with the highest level of quality. Throughout the process, this dedication to always providing a consistently high-grade product means each batch receives several tests to ensure a safe product that has met the most rigorous standards.

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