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What Are CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules are intended to be swallowed as you would any other tablet. They look like any other medication or multivitamin you might take regularly. They are tasteless, small enough to be easily swallowed, and can discreetly travel with you to work or wherever you go throughout your day.

CBD capsules are among the most popular CBD supplements we offer here at Botanicam. Given that most people are already accustomed to taking a daily multivitamin or medication, it is easy to supplement any daily regimen with CBD capsules. They are especially popular among customers with busy schedules, due to how simple it is to take CBD capsules and continue on with the day.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Capsules?

Like CBD edibles, tinctures, sprays, and other product types, CBD capsules offer all of the healing and soothing benefits one expects when consuming CBD. Your endocannabinoid system plays a large role in regulating your HPA axis pathway (stress response) and your immune system. CBD capsules are an easy way to ensure that your body has enough cannabinoids to function properly. CBD capsules offer a unique set of advantages due to their delivery method and convenience of use. These advantages include:

CBD Capsules Can Be Added to Your Daily Vitamin Regimen

It is easy to remember to take CBD in pill form if you are already used to taking other supplements or medications daily. You can also add your CBD capsules to a weekly pill organizer, so you never forget!

CBD Capsules Are Discreet

These supplements look like any other medication or multivitamin, which makes them easy to consume in public.

CBD Capsules Are Convenient and Ideal for On-The-Go

Similar to CBD tinctures, CBD capsules are shelf-stable and can travel easily. This offers people with busy schedules a convenient way to bring their medication along for the ride.

CBD Capsules Offer Precise Dosing

This may be the most significant selling point in favor of CBD capsules. Every pill is precisely measured, guaranteeing a consistent dose each time. Each tablet is measured to the milligram, so you know exactly how much of the active ingredient you are receiving every time you dose.

A Note About Our CBD Capsules

Like all of the products we sell here at Botanicam, our CBD capsules are made only from low-resin industrial hemp plants. Unlike the high-resin marijuana plants used to produce THC-dominant products, industrial hemp varieties (by law) produce no more than 0.3% THC, while still offering high-quality CBD and other cannabinoid terpenes. There are two general classes of products that fall under the umbrella of hemp-based CBD–full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD. You will find that our products are always labeled either full spectrum or broad spectrum – this distinction refers to the THC content.

Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

This class of hemp-based CBD products offers the full array of cannabinoids that are derived from hemp plants. This means that alongside the CBD content these products contain, full-spectrum CBD capsules are allowed to contain up to (but no more than) 0.3% THC. As a reminder, THC is the psychoactive chemical that results in the feeling of being “high.” That said, 0.3% is far below the amount required to produce psychoactive effects. Some cannabis experts claim that by consuming the full array of cannabinoids, the human body can better absorb and derive the benefits from the CBD content. However, certain people (i.e. those who must undergo drug testing) prefer products that contain no THC altogether.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Capsules

Compared to full spectrum products, broad spectrum CBD contains zero THC. The extraction process utilized in manufacturing broad spectrum products removes all traces of THC. You can have peace of mind, knowing that passing drug tests that detect THC will not be an issue.

How Do CBD Capsules Work?

Just like with CBD edibles, capsules must endure the digestion process in which the pill's lining is broken down by stomach acid. This is why only a fraction of the total amount of CBD the capsule contains will end up absorbed into the bloodstream. You will not immediately feel effects after swallowing a CBD pill. Once the capsule's lining is broken down by stomach acid, the CBD content will be absorbed into your bloodstream within an hour. The duration of effects can differ depending on many factors, including concentration, potency, and your body's metabolic rate. Expect CBD capsules to generally last between 6-12 hours.

Why Buy CBD Capsules Through Botanicam?

Products purchased from Botanicam offer an unparalleled standard of quality and testing that ensures you're receiving everything exactly as stated on the label. All of our products undergo a strict vetting process to ensure that each is organic, sustainably sourced, and fair-trade. Independent laboratory reports are available online for every batch of product offered. This allows you to personally verify the purity of any product purchased via our site. Finally, we care deeply about your customer experience, which is why we take the time to provide you with instructions for use on every product page on our website.

Have questions, concerns, or need help choosing the right product for you? Get in touch with us, and one of our helpful team members will be pleased to guide you in selecting the product that fits your needs.

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