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About Hemplucid

The founders of Hemplucid are on a personal mission to provide the most transparent information regarding CBD therapy. Their sole purpose is to produce and deliver the purest CBD products in order to help customers begin to fully experience life again with maximum health and optimal wellness. It is this primary purpose that inspired the “Hemplucid” company name. It is deeply ingrained into the company’s culture and its practices to provide lucidity through clear communication and evidence-based information. They back every item shipped from the warehouse with freely-available, independent, third-party lab results. As a result of their commitment to lucidity, Hemplucid has created a profound community of trust with its fiercely loyal customers—a community that grows larger every day.

Behind every Hemplucid product is a passionate and diverse team of individuals. Each of them shares and reflects the company's core values of synergy, clear vision, and maintaining transparency in all they do. This workplace community of trust and accountability is experienced in all of their products. Botanicam is proud to be part of Hemplucid’s mission to help the world “experience life again.”

Why Buy Hemplucid CBD Products?

Hemplucid is intensely invested in the continuing longevity and flourishing of the hemp-based CBD industry. They intuitively know that CBD’s path forward will not be forged by fly-by-night, snake-oil products sold for a quick buck, but by science-based products that deliver on their promise to dependably and measurably boost the quality of life. An ever-growing base of CBD aficionados and “cannaisseurs” have experienced CBD's life-changing impact first-hand. In contrast, initial exposure to an underwhelming product will only produce a (justified) skeptic and tarnish CBD's future outlook.

Hemplucid only uses USDA certified organic farms and USA extractors to grow and process the ingredients that go into each of their products. Their plants are cultivated in Colorado—the USA cannabis leader—providing access to the country’s most experienced growers, ensuring an unprecedented level of quality control. Through careful genetic selective breeding going back nearly a decade, Hemplucid has developed a proprietary hemp strain that is both rich in terpenes and boasts a high CBD concentration with an impressive assortment of secondary cannabinoids. Every botanical they produce exploits the full potential of these incredible plants by maintaining the complete genetic profile.

By starting with only the best plants and then employing a safe, solvent-free, super-critical CO2 extraction method, Hemplucid creates the highest quality oils reflecting the full integrity and cannabinoid/terpene profile of the original plant. They select additional ingredients found in their products by utilizing the industry’s strictest quality control standards. All of their products are entirely free of synthetic ingredients and artificial additives.

Benefits of Choosing Hemplucid

By starting with only the best plants and then employing a safe, solvent-free super-critical CO2 extraction method, they create the highest quality oils that maintain the full integrity of the originating plant’s cannabinoid and terpene profile. Any additional ingredients are selected with the strictest quality control standards. All products are void of synthetic ingredients and artificial additives.

Hemplucid freely shares the most current CoA (Certificate of Analysis) for every product sold (and historic CoAs) via their website. The unique lot numbers printed on every product make it easy to find test results specific to the product in-hand. To make matters even easier, labels also include a QR code that directly links to test results once scanned.