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About ThoughtCloud

Instead of simply focusing on symptomatic relief, ThoughtCloud was founded on the principle of treating the entire mind-body system at the chromosomal level. This is why ThoughtCloud fuses the latest cannabinoid scientific research and state-of-the-art extraction methods with mindfulness practices and ancient spirituality. Since their launch, they have been relentless in their commitment to deliver nothing but the purest and highest grade, all-natural, organically-sourced CBD to consumers.

From the seed-up, ThoughtCloud is 100% vegan in their manufacturing practices, maintaining that integrity throughout the production process. They are also committed to contributing towards healing the planet for sustainability and demonstrate this commitment by using waste-free practices from seed-to-sale.

Ever since their emergence from energy healing practices traced back to late-nineteenth century Japan, reiki practitioners have been perfecting the practice of energy (or “chi”) transfer to help individuals heal from within. Founded in the belief that all animals and plants are capable of both receiving and transferring energy, ThoughtCloud infuses all of their products with chi to provide users with elevated experience and enhanced well-being through a perfect balance of energy and vibration. ThoughtCloud created its CBD so that everyone could have access to physical, spiritual, and emotional healing—the sum of which delivers the ultimate “entourage effect.”

Why buy ThoughtCloud CBD products?

ThoughtCloud products are simple, 100% natural and are among the purest on the market today. From the macro to the micro, their lab testing begins at the strain and genetic level and ends with lab-testing every single batch of each product. Their freely available lab results confirm the unsurpassed purity of the extract forming the basis of their infused-product line and the luxury hemp found in their pre-roll joints.

Because all of their products go through an extensive winterization process, all of the wax and fats are removed. Double lab-testing—once at the crude oil stage, and again at the formulation stage—confirms the purity obtained through their supercritical CO2 extraction methods. Finally, as trained practitioners of reiki, they use the power of ancient spirituality to infuse their product with abundance, creativity, manifestation, positivity, compassion, calmness, and most of all, love.

Benefits of choosing ThoughtCloud

ThoughtCloud fuses ancient spirituality and contemporary mindfulness with modern science. This results in products that are 100% natural, with a level of purity that sets the benchmark for CBD. All of the hemp used comes exclusively from organic hemp plants grown on sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free farms. CO2 supercritical extraction yields a potent oil that consistently meets or exceeds food-grade standards. The freely available results of the lab testing done throughout the production process not only confirms the potency of the cannabinoid profile, but also assures that all products are free of heavy metals and pesticides.

Botanicam is proud to offer a wide variety of ThoughtCloud products and bundles, including their unique CBD Hangover Shot for Morning Recovery with Full B-Complex, the deliciously tasting and reiki-infused pre-roll joints, beauty products, and tinctures. Buying ThoughtCloud products from Botanicam guarantees best-in-class customer service that is unparalleled.