Ananda Flora Balancing Gel


Your flower is delicate and deserves nothing but the very best flower in return. This organic and vegan balancing gel has been formulated from the ground up to keep your vaginal microbiome in balance. To prevent unwanted microbial and artificial visitors, this revitalizing gel contains absolutely no fragrances or harsh chemicals. The vaginal microbiota is key to maintaining optimal vaginal health and providing natural protection from infection and disease. Flora Balancing Gel has been specially formulated to maintain vaginal equilibrium using real ingredients featuring their pure and independently lab-tested full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) oil extracted from hemp grown on the finest Kentucky hemp farms. In addition to CBD, Flora Balancing Gel utilizes vegan lactic acid to restore your vaginal flora to its optimal acidic, pH-balanced, and blissful state. Nourishing seaweed has been shown to inhibit the growth of the vaginal bacterium, the main player in a disrupted vagina microbiome. Full-spectrum hemp extract work synergistically as it is all about maintaining balance at a cellular level, it’s anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial, while the chicory root and ginseng work to as vaginal probiotics. Additionally, when applied at the beginning of a period, the optimal time to use for your vaginal balance, it stops cramps in their tracks! Ananda Hemp’s Bliss Clinical products provide safe and all-natural botanicals lovingly designed and prepared to ensure peak vaginal wellness. Flora Balancing Gel is perfectly compatible with condoms, so you never have to sacrifice safety for health. Each two-fluid-ounce tube contains 750mg of full-spectrum CBD.

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