Green Earth Medicinals Physician-Formulated Grade Sublingual Drops

Harness powerful relief and maximum wellness with Green Earth Medicinals’ (GEM) CBD Extra Sublingual Drops. Our 3000mg tincture packs within a single .25ml dose (1/4 of a full dropper), 12.5mg of pure, potent, and quadruple-tested organic CBD oil. Specially formulated for sublingual delivery, you will feel nearly instantaneous results after dropping the liquid beneath the tongue. Green Earth Medicinals’ physician-formulated CBD botanicals are specially crafted to provide the boost you need for calmer living, with reduced pain and amplified recovery. Their CBD botanical formulas are natural, effective, and based on hands-on clinical experience with cannabinoid therapeutics. Green Earth Medicinals uses all-natural, non-GMO hemp plants grown in Southern Oregon to create their exquisite CBD Extra Sublingual Drops. Available in three delicious flavors: Spearmint, Lemon-Ginger, and Cinnamon.

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