On the Go: CBD + Arinca + Boswellia Colorado Hemp Honey Hemp Balm


Colorado Hemp Honey’s latest buzz is their miraculous no-mess and herb packed full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) Boswellia Hemp Balm. This soothing remedy stick is created from beeswax curated and harvested right on their renowned Frangiosa Farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The incredible no-touch balm is a perfect solution to soothe sore muscles or joint pain and moisturize the skin while reducing common inflammation. Plus it’s extremely portable, so you have it when you need it! Colorado Hemp Honey’s Hemp Balm is chock-full of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that full-spectrum CBD is renowned for. Fortified with the added natural benefits of Boswellia (Serrata) and Arnica, this balm provides additional injury prevention/healing, anti-inflammatory, and muscle soothing support. Each tube contains 150mg of CBD that is perfectly sized for your purse or pocket and priced so that you can stock up on extras and never have to worry about running low.

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