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Lifting bags of toys and carrying them down chimneys isn’t easy. That’s why Mrs. Santa called us this year deeply concerned about old St. Nick’s aches and pains. (It goes without saying that you can’t grow Hemp in the Arctic!) Of course, we were honored to help and now, we can share with our valued customers the exact same package we airmailed to the North Pole! And what did we send, you ask? Included here is a stick of Colorado Hemp Honey’s On-the-Go Balm (150mg CBD), Inesscents’ CBD Skin Salve Hot Freeze Stick (40-50mg CBD), and Veritas Farms’ Full Spectrum CBD Zen Roller (100mg CBD).

Of course, Mrs. Santa can use some pampering too while she waits for her beloved to return from his annual trek, so—just for her—we included Inesscents’ Moontime Travel Stick, which you can optionally add to the bundle.

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On the Go: CBD + Arinca + Boswellia Colorado Hemp Honey Hemp Balm

Colorado Hemp Honey's latest buzz is their miraculous no-mess and herb packed full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) Boswellia Hemp Balm. This soothing remedy stick is created from beeswax curated and harvested right on their renowned Frangiosa Farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The incredible no-touch balm is a perfect solution to soothe sore muscles or joint pain and moisturize the skin while reducing common inflammation. Plus it's extremely portable, so you have it when you need it! Colorado Hemp Honey’s Hemp Balm is chock-full of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that full-spectrum CBD is renowned for. Fortified with the added natural benefits of Boswellia (Serrata) and Arnica, this balm provides additional injury prevention/healing, anti-inflammatory, and muscle soothing support. Each tube contains 150mg of CBD that is perfectly sized for your purse or pocket and priced so that you can stock up on extras and never have to worry about running low.
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Inesscents CBD Salvation - Hot Freeze Skin Salve Travel Stick

Inesscents Salvation Hot Freeze CBD Skin Salve is here to the rescue! Whether you need to recoup from workout fatigue, treat every day aches and pains, or relieve tender joints, this is one skin salve that you need to add to your medicine cabinet. Containing over 95% certified organic ingredients, Inesscents Hot Freeze CBD Skin Salve combines their lab tested, high-potency cannabidiol (CBD) extract, with organic essential oils and herbs to deliver a salve that’s the ultimate remedy for your burning muscles and joints. From the moment Inesscents Salvation CBD Skin Salve hits your skin, you’ll immediately feel the powerful hot/cool sensation calming and diminishing your pain. All Inesscents products are full-spectrum and contain less than .3% THC. Each ½ ounce travel stick contains a minimum of 40 mg of CBD.

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Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Zen Roller Roll-On

Infusing your day with a much-needed dose of calmness and relaxation has never been easier than using Veritas Farms’ Full Spectrum CBD Zen Roller Roll-On. Veritas Farms’ Zen Roller is an all-natural product that contains an invigorating blend of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil combined with certified organic Essential Oils. Each leak-resistant, 0.33 fluid ounce bottle comes loaded with 100mg of CBD and is the perfect size to add to your pocket or purse, so it is always there when you need it. Zen Roller Roll-On is available in two distinctly delicious aromas, each with their own unique benefits. Use Mind to revitalize your day with organic Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils. When it’s time to settle down and relax, reach for Mood, containing Bergamot and Lavender Essential Oils to calm and soothe your mind and body.
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Inesscents CBD Salvation - Moontime Harmony Skin Salve

Finally, a CBD formulation to prevent cramping before it begins! Inesscents Salvation Moontime Harmony Skin Salve is a unique cannabidiol (CBD) topical rub that has been specially formulated to prevent the cramping associated with workout strain and menstrual cycles. Containing over 95% certified organic ingredients, Inesscents Moontime Harmony CBD Skin Salve combines their lab-tested, high-potency cannabidiol (CBD) extract with the perfect union of organic essential oils and herbs—including certified organic calendula and crampbark—to prevent cramping and ease tension. All Inesscents products are full-spectrum and contain less than .3% THC. Each two-fluid ounce jar contains 130 - 170mg and each .5oz travel stick offers 40-50mgs of organic CBD extract.