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You may not be able to hang a tree from the chimney, but Botanicam’s limited-time Stocking Stuffer Bundle is the next best thing! Treat your loved ones to some medicinal sweets and pocket-sized pain relief with an assortment of Honey Sticks (15mg full spectrum hemp) from Colorado Hemp Honey that perfect for your favorite fireplace-side hot tea or holiday recipe. Lulu’s Artisan CBD Chocolate Truffles (20mg CBD/each, three-per-pack) or a delicious chocolate bar 80mg, pack a side of wellness with a confectionary experience like no other. Finally, make sure your loved ones always have pain relief on hand with Colorado Hemp Honey’s On-the-Go Balm Stick (150mg CBD). Be sure to stock up on these stuffers while supplies last!

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On the Go: CBD + Arinca + Boswellia Colorado Hemp Honey Hemp Balm

Colorado Hemp Honey's latest buzz is their miraculous no-mess and herb packed full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) Boswellia Hemp Balm. This soothing remedy stick is created from beeswax curated and harvested right on their renowned Frangiosa Farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The incredible no-touch balm is a perfect solution to soothe sore muscles or joint pain and moisturize the skin while reducing common inflammation. Plus it's extremely portable, so you have it when you need it! Colorado Hemp Honey’s Hemp Balm is chock-full of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that full-spectrum CBD is renowned for. Fortified with the added natural benefits of Boswellia (Serrata) and Arnica, this balm provides additional injury prevention/healing, anti-inflammatory, and muscle soothing support. Each tube contains 150mg of CBD that is perfectly sized for your purse or pocket and priced so that you can stock up on extras and never have to worry about running low.

Colorado Hemp Honey Sticks Flavor Assortment

From the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains, comes a hemp-based CBD honey that is like none other on the market. Colorado is well-known for premium hemp and some of the best raw honey on the planet. Colorado Hemp Honey has combined the best of both worlds and is proud to deliver the purest and most delicious hemp CBD honey to our customers. Colorado Hemp Honey is offered in four distinct and delicious flavors; Tangerine Tranquility, Lemon Stress, Ginger Smooth, and Tumeric and Black Pepper. In. addition, we offer Raw Regular and Double-Strength are available in 100 packs.

Lulu's Full-Spectrum CBD Artisan Chocolate Bars

Since 2006, Lulu has been creating exquisite 100% organic chocolate that is fair trade, paleo-friendly, soy & gluten-free, raw, and sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Now their incredible chocolate recipe has been infused with an infusion of Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Complex. This exclusive recipe uses lab-tested Full-Spectrum CBD with a curated terpene profile to support the reduction of pain and stress while promoting deep relaxation and an elevated mood. These fine chocolates are also entirely free of solvents. Full-Spectrum CBD guarantees that you’re consuming virtually the entire cannabinoid profile of the hemp plant, including less that .3% THC. This trace amount of THC is just enough to contribute to the entourage effect, yet significantly less than the amount needed to trigger any psychotropic side-effects. New York Magazine named this chocolate as one of the “Best CBD and Hemp Products for the Tasteful Non-Stoner.” Each bar contains a total of 80mg of Full-Spectrum CBD, scored into four 20mg servings.

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