Yoga and CBD: A Key to Health and Wellness.

There is such an obvious synergy between cannabinoid therapy and yoga. First, both yoga and meditation stimulate the cannabinoid receptors and produce the effects of cannabinoids. This is why the peace that one experiences after a yoga or meditation practice is similar to the peace someone may feel when dosing with CBD. Actually, the endocannabinoid, “Anandamide,” was named after the Sanskrit word for bliss, “Ananda.” Anandamide is key to healing both the body and the mind, as endocannabinoids help keep the body in balance, and the endocannabinoid system is the regulatory system of the entire body.


Prioritizing Health in an Insane World.

This quarantine has been draining on both the body and the mind, and everyone is getting to the end of their ropes. There is nothing worse for mental or physical health than stagnation. Luckily, yoga works to calm the body and the mind- as well as to search for inner peace.

This is where Cornelius Jones Jr.’s YogaBurn flow becomes so powerful – infusing
strength-training, cardio, and dancing into his classes, while still retaining the integrity of the classic yogic breathing, posing, and meditation practices – he is able to create a full body and mind rejuvenation.One of the tenets in the eightfold path of yoga is inner cleanliness – this calls for cleansing the body through the ignition of internal heat. Through incorporating strength training and cardio, Cornelius ignites heat inside of the body; heat = purification. Cornelius’s embrace of dancing (as he was a Broadway Star in The Lion King) brings a cathartic release and cultivation of creativity to his yoga classes. Sometimes he even encourages a bit of sensuality, which is a force that we should all work with more often. Sensuality is a huge source of creativity, freedom, and energy. Plus, you’re at home and no one is watching – why not embrace the benefits of that!!!

Botanicam has partnered with Cornelius because of his body-heat driven practice, and you can check it out ​here


Yoga stimulates the Endocannabinoid System?

Yoga produces a feeling of peace – through breath control, physical practice, and mental focus, one is left with clarity. Ethan Russo, a prominent cannabinoid researcher, discusses the bodymind interaction of a yogic practice: “We know that meditation and yoga increase alpha rhythms [brain waves that indicate a state of wakeful rest], produce a subjective state of calm, and sometimes result in almost a blissful-like sensation.” Previously, this bliss has been believed to be caused by endorphins, similar to a “runner’s high”, but many scientists are speculating that it is actually the activation of the endocannabinoid system which causes the post-workout high. You see, in 2003, researchers looked at people’s blood before and after exercise. They found that after exercising, the levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide had significantly increased. It illustrated that post-workout bliss may be a result of anandamide (remember: named after the Sanskrit word for “bliss” – what a wonderful synchronicity). 

Why does this happen? The endocannabinoid system regulates nearly all systems of the body and their communication between each other. This includes regulating hormone production, and endorphins are hormones. Therefore, many scientists believe to be discovering cannabinoids as the source stimulating the production of the “feel-good” hormones.

Fitness + Cannabinoids: for the Body or the Brain?

This is even more important when we think about cannabinoids and their connection to brain health. To begin, neuroscientists are realizing that the best thing one can do to prevent neurodegeneration is to keep a regular fitness routine. Could this be due to the beneficial properties of cannabinoids? Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body’s organs as well as in the white blood cells, and are abundant throughout the brain. Further, these receptors regulate the microglia of the brain. Microglia are the cells mediating immune responses in the central nervous system by cleaning cellular debris and dead neurons from the nervous tissue through the process of phagocytosis, or cell eating. Cannabinoid receptors are primarily involved in immunomodulation, especially regulating inflammatory processes. Let’s look at something like Alzheimer’s. This is characterized by neurodegeneration, plaque build up in the brian, memory consolidation problems, dementia, and anxiety. Stanford University did a study which addressed a possible endocannabinoid deficiency as a cause of Alzheimer’s. Endocannaboids interfere with the negative effects of A-beta on the interneurons of the hippocampus. Basically, the CB receptors are neuroprotective through up-regulation of neurogenesis and BDNF. BDNF is responsible for ensuring the survival, growth, maturation, and maintenance of the cells in both the brain and the spinal cord. Additionally, cannabinoid receptor activation is necessary for memory consolidation. Finally, neurological health and the brain are severely impacted by inflammation. Luckily, cannabinoids can promote cognitive function, prevent inflammation, and support healing complications arising due to inflammation or other damage to the brain.

Free CBD?

In summary, both yoga and meditation are a kind of free CBD for the body and the mind – fueling the endocannabinoid system, and therefore, helping heal and keep the body regulated and functioning optimally. Cannabinoid signalling is vital for human health and disease prevention. It would be pretty screwed up if we stayed inside all this time to prevent getting a disease only to create another one out of a lack of movement and stimulation. Making the most out of this quarantine, it definitely seems in the cards for us to prioritize our health. Fortunately, easy practices such as yoga, meditation, and cannabinoid therapy, can keep the body regulated to homeostasis at a cellular level.



An Article By Amy Lund

Amy Lund Co-Founder – Botanicam Amy Lund worked as Senior Managing Director in financial services for 30 years at Bear Stearns and JP Morgan. Lund is experienced and skilled in areas of business development and implementation including financial structuring, portfolio management, asset-backed security (ABS), corporate finance, and hedge funds. At Botanicam Lund is responsible for investor relations, general counsel and corporate compliance services and resources, and spearheading banking procedures and potential risk implications with the federal government. When Lund is not running or building companies, she is cooking (which she loves), caring for her 2 children, biking, doing yoga, and often assisting people in disadvantaged circumstances to improve their lives.

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