What is a Bath Balm VS Bath Salts? 

Simply put.. 

Bath Bomb:


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Bath Salt: 


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And what are the health implications of each? 

 Bath Bombs​ are dropped in the tub to explode into fun colors and  patterns. Yes, they are very pretty, but it’s common knowledge that bath  bombs are not completely safe for the skin, not only do they include  baking soda and fillers such as corn starch which can dry and irritate the  skin. But, many are made with synthetic or artificial ingredients,  fragrances, and coloring. Soaking these chemicals into the skin  streamlines them into the bloodstream as there is no liver to detox the  bad stuff. Finally, the ingredients can even disrupt a woman’s vaginal PH  balance! Generally we should beware of bath bombs.  

Bath salts​ are used in detox baths, this is because the minerals supplied  by the salts detoxify the body. Bath salts are known to enhance blood  circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve muscle and joint pain, relieve  congestion, pull out toxins, and soothe dry/itchy/irritated skin. Epsom  salts as well as other mineral salts can really soothe aches and pains by  providing a rich supply of minerals such as magnesium. The U.S. National  Library of Medicine describes magnesium’s function as an essential  nutrient for humans, “Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical  reactions in the body. It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle  function, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heartbeat steady,  and helps bones remain strong. It also helps adjust blood glucose levels. It  aids in the production of energy and protein.” Yet magnesium is not  readily available in the food we eat and studies suggest that around 50%  of people in the US get less than the recommended daily amount of  magnesium. Therefore a bath is an ideal way to supply the body with this  mineral nutrient!   


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Our formulas contain more than just salts though, we have CBD of course!  Adding CBD to your bath not only moisturizes the skin, but due to it’s  antibacterial and antifungal properties it may reduce infections or skin  conditions. Most importantly, having the pores opened by the hot bath  enables the CBD to soak into the underlying muscles, tissues, and the  blood stream. This provides the body and mind with the ultimate  restoration. In the case of injury, these salts are nothing but a blessing to  have around, I have personally seen them work magic in healing injured  bodies!  

Other, other ingredients…  

Our Moon Mother Wise Woman Ritual Bath contains.. 

  • rose (an anti inflammatory, full of vitamin C, and smells beautiful)
  • arnica (has phytochemicals which act as natural antibiotics, relieve pain, and reduce swelling, their most common uses are for osteoarthritis, surgery recovery, bleeding, and bruising)
  • and a blend of 5 different organic essential oils to promote both healing and relaxation

Our Inesscents Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Unscented Bath Salts contains.. 

  • calendula flowers (antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties)
  • chamomile flowers (anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, reduces skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals, and contains essential oils and antioxidants)
  • vitamin E (antioxidant, protects skin by acting as a free-radical scavenger, studies suggest that vitamin E has antitumorigenic (counteracting the formation of tumors) and photoprotective (helping an organism cope with molecular damage caused by sunlight) properties)
  • and different blends of more than 10 different organic and potent essential oils

Lavender is recommended for those looking to relax and Eucalyptus for  those looking to improve their respiratory health – the essential oils in  each are formulated for such. 


An Article By Evie Louise

Evie Louise is a recent psychology graduate from New York University. She is a certified in International Cannabinoid Clinical Therapy. Evie sees all forms of the cannabis sativa plant as the future of psychiatry, and hopes to use it in her therapy practice as a full spectrum approach to mental health and wellness.

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