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Colorado Hemp Honey Jars

Colorado Hemp Honey Jars


From the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains comes a hemp-based CBD honey that is truly the bee’s knees! Colorado is well-known for premium hemp and some of the best raw honey on the planet. Colorado Hemp Honey has combined the best of both worlds and is proud to deliver the purest and most delicious hemp CBD honey to our customers. Colorado Hemp Honey is offered in four distinct and delicious flavors: Tangerine Tranquility, Lemon Stress, Ginger Smooth, and Tumeric and Black Pepper. Mix and match 6 oz. 500mg jars and 12 oz. 1000mg jars or stock up on all of them!

The Complete Scoop on Colorado Hemp Honey Jars

What is Colorado Hemp Honey?

Founder Nick French believes in only using pure raw honey—with no additives or additional processing—sourced directly from his beehives high in the Rocky Mountains. This delectable honey is then infused with Colorado-grown, full spectrum (plant based, non-isolate) hemp extract. Full spectrum CBD delivers virtually all of the naturally occurring terpenes and phytonutrients from the raw hemp plant for the ultimate entourage effect. Once the Hemp Honey is blended, it is triple-tested in an independent laboratory.

Colorado Hemp Honey is available in four flavor varieties, plus Raw Relief for the pure unadulterated honey taste. Use Double-Strength Raw Relief honey for twice the CBD in each serving.

Available in 6 oz. (500mg) and 12 oz. (1,000mg) jars:

Ginger Soothe: 100% organic ginger essential oil is added to the raw Hemp Honey, providing the perfect amount of snappy spice. Ginger has been used for centuries to aid digestion and sharpen the mind.

Tangerine Tranquility: Essential oils from fresh tangerines will super-charge you with powerful antioxidants, while also adding a blossom of citrus to each succulent serving.

Lemon Stress Less: By infusing the raw honey with 100% organic lemon essential oil, the honey takes on the tart essence of fresh lemons to both relax you and sharpen your mind.

Turmeric and Black Pepper: The newest honey blend adds 100mg of a proprietary blend, containing 95% curcuminoid turmeric root extract, turmeric root, and black pepper, for honey unlike any you've ever experienced.

Available in 12 oz. (1,000mg) jars:

Raw Relief Honey: Raw Relief Hemp Honey contains no additives or essential oils. It contains only two ingredients: raw organic honey and full spectrum CBD extract! Pure and simple goodness.

Available in 6 oz. (1,000mg) and 12 oz. (2,000mg) jars:

Double Strength Raw Relief Honey: Each serving of Double Strength Raw Relief Honey offers TWICE the amount of full spectrum hemp extract than the standard products. That means each teaspoon contains 30mg of CBD. One 12 oz. jar contains a whopping 2000mg of full spectrum CBD.

Why do customers choose Colorado Hemp Honey?

Customers who love to administer CBD in a sweet and delicious, all-natural honey need to look no further than Colorado Hemp Honey. Locally sourced and grown in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, honey and CBD are the perfect match, each providing a host of unique health and wellness benefits. For additional favoring, Colorado Hemp Honey uses only all-natural essential oils and blends. Because the honey is additive and chemical-free, its pure succulent flavor and blossom are completely retained. All Colorado Hemp Honey products are full spectrum, offering the full phytonutrient and terpene profile of the hemp plant with unadulterated CBD, for a full and robust entourage effect.

Colorado Hemp Honey is proud to support their local communities by donating portions of their proceeds to organizations that benefit veterans and support the sustenance of bee colonies integral to the health of the planet.

How to use Colorado Hemp Honey

Each teaspoon of Colorado Hemp Honey contains approximately 15mg of hemp extract. Use Colorado Hemp Honey with hot beverages or as a generic honey substitute for any recipe that utilizes honey. It can take up to 30 minutes for the body to metabolize the CBD, so be sure to wait appropriately before administering additional doses until you dial in the treatment that is perfect for you and your goals.


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