Ananda Endo Relief Cream


Designed especially for those with endometriosis, Endo CBD-Infused Relief Cream by Ananda Hemp is an all-natural and waterless formulation designed to relieve chronic and monthly feminine discomfort. Ananda Bliss Clinical has carefully chosen botanicals and combined them with their high concentration full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) extract to create a potent vaginal cream without the use of artificial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. To prevent unwanted microbial and artificial visitors, Endo CBD-Infused Relief Cream contains absolutely no fragrances or harsh chemicals. Endo Relief Cream has been specially formulated to reduce pain and discomfort using nothing but all-natural ingredients, all built around their potent and independently lab tested full-spectrum, sativa seed CBD oil and extract. Ananda Hemp extracts all of their CBD from hemp grown only on Kentucky’s finest hemp farms. Endo CBD-Infused Relief Cream can also be used to Intensify sexual sensations. Ananda Hemp’s Bliss Clinical products provide safe and all-natural botanicals that are lovingly designed and prepared to insure peak vaginal wellness. Each two-fluid ounce tube contains 1500mg of full-spectrum active cannabinoids. Endo CBD-Infused Relief Cream is not compatible with condoms. For sexual applications using condoms, we recommend Ananda Hemp Flora Balancing Gel also available on this site.

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