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Foria Basics Suppositories

Foria Basics Suppositories


Made from 100% organic and fair-trade cocoa butter, Foria’s Basics Suppositories are the perfect solution for relief from menstrual pains. Designed for either rectal or vaginal insertion, these can also be used by anyone for local muscle relaxation and inflammation reduction. Basics Suppositories are made from pristine broad-spectrum CBD that's been sourced from sun-grown domestic hemp. Each suppository will deliver 100mg of cannabidiol to soothe tension within minutes. Users have also benefitted greatly from using Basics Suppositories thirty minutes before sexual activity. Each pack contains eight suppositories, for a total of 800mg of CBD.

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The Complete Scoop on Foria’s CBD Basics Suppositories

What are Basics Suppositories?

Foria Suppositories are ideal for relieving pains caused by menstruation, as well as local pains and swelling. Also, Basics Suppositories can provide excellent preemptive relief from sexual discomfort and tension. Just like their hugely popular THC-based product Relief, Basics Suppositories uses an all-natural formula made from the purest ingredients available. However, as a broad-spectrum CBD product, Basics Suppositories are federally legal, and therefore, this fantastic brand is now available in all states through Botanicam.

Individuals who have previously refrained from using CBD due to ingestion or inhalation restrictions can now experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD for the first time by using cannabis suppositories with absolutely no impact on their digestive or respiratory systems. While the effects of the suppository will not be felt throughout the body, for local relief, it provides a concentrated dose that will activate significantly faster than an edible or sublingual product (such as tincture). As a carrier, Foria uses cocoa butter made from hydraulically pressed, raw cocoa beans.

To maximize purity, Foria uses CO2-extraction, which results in an extract that is rich in both terpene content and phytocannabinoids. Each and every batch is independently lab-tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and additional toxins.  Each pack contains eight individual 100mg suppositories, for a total of 800mg of CBD per pack.

Benefits of Basics Suppositories?

The effects of CBD via rectal or vaginal administration can be felt in as quickly as ten minutes after application. Given the brief ramp-up time and their demonstrated reliability, CBD suppositories offer a perfect addition to new and pre-existing therapeutic regimens. The effects of CBD Suppositories can last 4-8 hours (or longer for some individuals), depending on physiology and individual cannabis tolerance levels.

Users report that CBD suppositories can provide relief from local pain and discomfort, as well as menstrual pain. When applied 30-minutes before sexual activity, Basics Suppositories can provide preemptive help from pain and discomfort relating to tension.

Why do customers choose Basics Suppositories?

For local relief, there is no delivery method that is more direct and faster acting than Basic’s Suppositories. Basics Suppositories will activate local receptors in much less time than oral delivery methods such as edibles and tinctures. Unlike edibles, smoke, and vapor—which will deliver a rapid full-body effect—suppositories will focus the CBD treatment where you need it most, much like a topical lotion or salve. Every batch of the final product is independently tested for purity & potency, with all test result summaries available online through the manufacturer’s website.

How to Use Basics Suppositories

To keep suppositories from melting, store in a cool place (under 76ºF). For easier insertion, it's recommended to refrigerate for 15 minutes or more before use. Wash hands thoroughly before and after insertion.

Open the suppository container by pulling apart the plastic tabs and remove the contained suppository. Basics Suppositories can be safely combined with other CBD products like vape pens, edibles, or tinctures. If being used to provide relief to sexual pain preemptively, tension or discomfort, allow at 30-minutes to pass before sexual penetration.

FOR MENSTRUAL USE: Apply at the onset of cramping and pain symptoms as follows. Find a comfortable position reclining on your back. Use clean fingers or a tampon applicator to slowly insert the CBD Suppository as deeply as possible towards the back of the vagina. It’s recommended that you sit or lay with a cushion or pillow under your buttocks to help the CBD oil remain as close as possible to the tissue of your cervix and uterus. This yin-yoga position can also help release pelvic tension. Ideally, find a position where you can relax for 10-20 minutes or so, to allow for maximum absorption.

FOR RECTAL INSERTION: With clean hands, slowly insert suppository past sphincter muscle. To avoid discharge before absorption, time administration so that you can wait for a minimum of 20-30 minutes before your next bowel movement after inserting.

Note that diarrhea, fecal matter, and tumors/cysts on the rectal wall inhibit CBD from being adequately absorbed into the bloodstream. Rectal or vaginal dryness may also reduce the efficacy of CBD suppositories. Remain well-hydrated by maintaining a healthy consumption of both water and electrolytes. If you suspect that an extenuating medical condition is causing rectal dehydration, discontinue use and consult a medical professional. Consult with a physician if you are pregnant or are taking prescription drugs. Keep out of the reach of children.


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